I know I’m their mom and so my opinion is skewed and all, but my boys are gorgeous. Seriously!

Perhaps i should talk more about how Reeve asked to check out books specifically on Sphinxes, Pharoahs, the moon and mustangs at the library instead. 
Or how Lowe can High Five or wave or that he’s stubborn as hell and going to be a great world leader someday. 
But today? Today I’m just going to look at Reeve’s green eyes and swoops hair. His still-baby cheeks and perfect skin.  

   And how Lowe’s eyes are shockingly blue and his eyelashes literally touch his eyebrows when he bats them at me. And his dimple in his left cheek and his Jack-o-lantern teeth and those earlobes I kiss all day. 
And that’s all. Just. They are perfect!



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