So, as you may know, we have been publicly calling you Baby R. To our friends and family, you are Reeve, but Kirk has not wanted me to share your name with the world yet as he has wanted to keep something to ourselves….he knows all too well that Facebook would know your name before you were born had he not set that rule. He never really ever tells me what I can or can’t do, so this was one easy request I was more than happy to honor.
Reeve \re(e)-ve\ as a boy’s name is pronounced reev. It is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Reeve is “bailiff“. Occupational name. The medievalreeve of a castle or landholding was an administrator for the king or someone of highpositionRêve is the French word for “dream“.
Despite what you may think, we did not choose Reeve b/c of it’s meaning. . .no, bailiff was not an aspiration or word of importance to us; however, we love the idea that in French it means dream….he is my dream come true.
Quite simply, I came up with the name Reeve after a conversation with my 6-year-old nephew, Jackson. As a child whose father loves comic books, we all grew up in our family with knowledge of alter egos and all things superhero. One day, while visiting Kansas, my nephews and I were (as I recall) perusing a book about superheroes when Superman came up…then his alter ego (Clark Kent) then we started talking about how when Jack was littler (like 4) he thought Kirk looked like Clark Kent (subsquently resulting in calling him Uncle Superman and annual Christmas gifts of snuggies, socks and boxers with Superman’s shield on it)…somehow, that got me thinking about Christopher Reeve and how handsome he was. On Pinterest, I found this great print of Superman/Clark Kent that I thought would look good in “the baby’s” room….
Something about this print made me think of Kirk. He DOES kind of look like Clark Kent/Superman. The curl in his hair, the jawline, the pecs (yeah, baby) and he IS our hero around here.
Anyway, Jack and I then got to talking about the actor who played Superman/Clark Kent and the SECOND we said Christopher Reeve aloud, I knew it was our son’s name.
I think I had a moment where time stopped….it was pretty momentous. The name just WAS our son. I don’t recall if I had to convince Kirk or if he just automatically loved it too, but from that moment forward our son became Reeve.
Plus, when you have a last name like Mooneyham, you tend to try to choose something that is monosyllabic and you can’t just go with any old name…it has to be powerful! And, b/c I am me, it also had to be quite unique and have a story attached to it. I didn’t want a name that 3 other kids in pre-school would have and he would have to use a shortened version, add his last name initial or be like anyone else
It was perfect in that it will always have a special story to me, but also I can just picture our 17-year-old star athlete REEVE MOONEYHAM and crowds of girls cheering for him….
His middle name is Denver.
No, not because we live in Denver or because we like it here, but simply b/c it’s Kirk’s middle name and it was that name that lead him here and to me. It was never a question as to what his middle name would be….his daddy grew up loving his middle name and the reaction it got from others so Denver it was/is.
Plus, we love it here!  🙂
So, there you go…Reeve Denver Mooneyham!

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