I am a wife and mama who is in love with the life I have created for myself by trusting that everything would work out exactly as it should. My name is Jessica and I married my husband, Kirk, on June 18, 2011 surrounded by the music, mountains and people we love the most. It was a day filled with laughter and tears. Three short weeks later, upon our return from our Costa Rican honeymoon, we found out we were blessed and expecting our Honeymoon Miracle. Exactly 9 months and 3 days after we took our vows, our son Reeve Denver was born.

Good things DO come to those who wait.

I have always had a blog, but this one is a journal for my husband and my baby. Sometimes what I write about is my life, our love, our child, but other times it will be art, books, crafts, celebrities, clothes or just anything in general that I am consumed by.

What you will find here is love. Love of life. Love of forgiveness. Love of music. Love of everything good and pure and peaceful. It is here that you will find my wishes for my child and my plans for our life.

I hope you too find that with just a little patience and understanding, those very things you have prayed for all your life can happen if you can just stand it to wait…a …little bit…


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