8.and.9.Months (Lowe)

Dear Lowe,
this month has literally escaped me. We are moving to Lawrence, KS in just a few days and I’ve spent this month organizing, sorting, packing, cleaning and toting you from room to room as I try to get things accomplished. You make it hard, I won’t lie. You never want to be put down and you don’t like to be anywhere but in my arms. Mama’s Boy!!!

This month has been quite astounding in the Mental Leaps we’ve seen. You can mimic nearly any sound or arm movement we do. You track sounds like a hunting dog and know exactly what behavior to exhibit to get what you want. Your brain is growing and your sleep is suffering as a result.

You sit in your high chair at each meal and growl and scream at us as Reeve says, “Baby Tiger, RRRRRRRRaaaaawrrr” and you just growl back at him. You love to play “how big is Lowe” and lift your arms with such pride when you get it right. You like to bounce up and down, almost in a dance, when I give you bites and think it’s the funniest thing in the world to lean as far as you can to each side of your high chair and wait until I kiss your head to lean to the other side. And you never forget any of these tricks. It’s almost like you can’t wait to get in that nasty, dirty thing just so you can show us what you remember.

Each morning starts in that high chair with a Babble War. You just yell and grunt and “talk” at the dog, expecting Hannah (or Molly since we are now at Don Linny’s) to yell back at you. Your eyebrows raise and you extend your grubby, wet hand to the dog so that she can take a bite. You then get pissed at her for taking a bite and start to cry and yell at her. She has no idea what to make of you, but she knows that when you aren’t in that chair there is usually half a dozen Cheerios or bits of bread for her to eat and, for that, she loves you.

You are getting one of your top teeth and literally bite and lunge at me all day long. Mostly my shoulder, but often my knee if we are sitting or my leg, my shirt, anything you can get your hands on. And it’s never a gnawing, gentle bite…no, it’s a rough and aggressive lunging bite. AND IT HURTS! You are downright violent. You gnarl as you bite and are very clear that you are trying to cause harm.

Teething also brings sleepless nights (last night you were up 6 times), a ton of slobber and constant squealing. When I say “squealing” I mean the highest pitched, whiny, squeal possible. It’s a cross between someone slowly letting the helium out of a balloon and nails on a chalkboard. It’s awful and piercing!

***on the 27th of February, you slept through the night without waking up. First time in well over a year that I’ve gotten a whole night’s sleep. I had more energy today than I have in FOREVER! If only you would do that more often.


Life is so crazy it is now 12 days past the 6th and we are officially in Kansas and only one day from moving into the Ranch.

You were up 7 times for 3 nights in a row and I took you to the doctor to make sure you didn’t have an ear infection…you did not, just up all night teething. I hoped you DID have one so we could at least give you medicine. Turns out you are not even getting the top middle tooth that should be coming in next, but one of the sharp, pointy teeth that is typically the 7th set of teeth to come in. You must be in a lot of pain little guy!

With teething comes biting. I am seriously SO over you biting me on my shoulder. It hurts like hell and you can’t understand when I firmly say “NO bite” yet and you just keep doing it. You don’t seem to bite anyone else. You bite my leg when I lay you down and am sitting next to you and my arm when I’m holding you. STOP!!! I’m constantly covered in big wet spots where you have been gnawing on me and I’ve got bruises on my shoulder.

We have been staying at Don Linny’s and Whitney’s for well over a week now and already you’ve taken to all of them. When Papa Jim arrived in Colorado almost 2 weeks ago to drive back with us, you were terrified of him and now he’s okay. Don Linny, you are in love with her and you have no idea what to make of Thad.

You have got to be tired of sleeping in a Pack N Play and are most definitely ready to get back on some sort of routine. I know I am. Right before we moved here we had finally gotten comfortable with you napping in your crib versus that Fisher Price Rocker and it sure is easier! I simply lay you down on your side and you roll right onto your belly.

I will never quite get tired of going in to check on you and finding you with your arms tucked under you and your little butt up in the air. Your brother used to do this too and I now have 73 Instagram pictures of you sleeping that way or of your profile smooshed against the mattress.

As far as food, well, you will still eat dang near anything and are particularly good at the game where you throw a bite on the floor, I tell you “no” and then you do it over and over each time I pick it up and give it back to you. You love to pinch at little things and still won’t take any sort of bottle. You will suck water out of a straw, but won’t hold a cup. I swear, I can’t win with you.

You are the most stubborn little baby I’ve ever seen. If you are done eating, you simply turn your head or outright spit it in my face. You have a quick temper and love to attack/bite at Reeve too. I swear you are going to be trouble! For now, Reeve just laughs at you, but someday I know he’s going to haul off and hit you if you treat him like that when you are bigger.

Your hair is thick and perfectly filled in. You still have the original baby hairs on the side of your head that make you look like Pigpen or Crusty the Clown. I can’t stand them. They are scraggly and wispy and wild and daddy won’t let me cut them. He thinks they match your personality. As soon as we are settled in and I can cut them and keep a lock somewhere they are GONE!

***Whitney and I were finally able to cut your hair at her house one day since I was able to locate your Baby Book to put it in. You have a perfect, gorgeous head of hair and I’m obsessed with sweeping it over to the side in the front.

Your bright blue eyes receive compliments daily. They are big and happy and when you smile they light up and your two little white bottom teeth just turn up in the biggest smile.

You talk and babble all day long. You try to mimic any sound we make and are especially good at yelling back at us if we fake yell at you. The little Yelling Match is so cute! When music is on you try to sing and we are working on the sign language for “more,” but you just like to grunt and yell to let me know you want another bite. Whatever…second kids and all.

The art of sitting up is perfected! You can scoot on your butt while sitting and go from sitting to lying down, but not vice versa. You love to sit on the floor with a bucket of toys that you can take out and look at one-by-one and then toss them behind you. It’s sort of a game to you and will keep you occupied for a good amount of time. At this point, you are really into Batman too. Obviously, you don’t see a lot of other toys (trucks, planes, etc) and we are fine with that. Reeve loves that you can sit and “play with him.”

You can wave “hi” and your arm is all over the place. You wave at the dog, at people, at cars, at trees, buildings…you like to wave! 🙂

You started out figuring out how to push up with your ams and just this week have begun Army Crawling while at Don Linny’s. You are mobile!  Uh Oh! It’s pretty cute to walk away and find you wedged under a sofa or a chair. Reeve has to work extra hard now to keep his toys away from you. He’s really good with you and always on the lookout for small pieces that you might swallow.

***you know can crawl anywhere and are working on figuring out how to get up on your knees. For now, it’s a Plank and then you fall to your belly.

You don’t like for me to put you down and really are a spoiled baby! I guess I’m okay with that as long as you sleep at night.

One funny thing you do that led me to think you possibly had an ear infection is that you pull your right arm inside your sleeve whenver you are upset. Your head dips down to your shoulder and you just howl. It’s always only your right arm and some mornings we go in to find you have worked that arm out of your pajama neck….silly!

Reeve and you like to growl at each other. He says “Baby Tiger, RRRRoarrrr” and you growl back at him. His is sweet and soft, yours is deep and actually sounds like you want to bite him…you probably do. You love taking baths with Reeve and think nothing in this world is funnier than when he blows bubbles at you. You are a slippery little thing in there and have found your penis to tug on. Ouch! You splash and love to suck on the washcloths.

We really do get a kick out of you, Lowe. You keep us all laughing and on our toes. More so than your brother, you are vocal without actually talking or signing and you would nurse all day every day if I let you. We are down to about 4-5 times a day and you will NOT fall asleep without my boob in your mouth although I am working on it. Just today I laid you down for a nap awake and you only cried for about 15 minutes.

Lowe, we move into our new house tomorrow and start this crazy new adventure in Kansas complete with horses and dirt roads and I can’t wait to watch you grow and explore and play with Brother! Two little boys sure makes life loud and dirty and tireless. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m sorry that I’ve combined two months into one letter for you. I hate anything that is different for you than it was for your brother, but life is downright hectic right now. Daddy is in Lawrence and we are here in Wathena and I feel like a single parent. It’s been a rough 2 weeks. Forgive me for your half-ass letter and know that it’s only because in those two weeks you’ve been held and snuggled and nursed more than any other baby in the world! You literally aren’t out of my arms long enough for me to have typed two separate letters.

I love you so much, Peanut Butter. Keep growing and growling!

Love, Mommy

Lowe 8-9-8 Lowe 8-9-23 Lowe 8-9-26 Lowe 8-9-30 Lowe 8-9-32 Lowe 8-9-41

Favorite things to do: go see the horses, sit up in the stroller, pick up small bites of food, growling and mimicking any sound we make, throwing food on the floor so we pick it up, being freed from your carseat, Nursing, dumping toys over, funny sounds that brother makes

Favorite things to eat: ANYTHING!  ice cream, pizza crusts, french fries, celery, Ranch Dressing, apples, pudding, yogurt
Dislikes: being put down, getting buckled into your carseat, when I walk away, socks…you always yank them off within second of putting them on
Scary items: You were scared of the horses the first time you saw them, but now you wave at them and laugh when you see them up close
Cute item: Your Lovey Baby that you snuggle in your crib, your eyes!
Hair color: Perfect brown hair that seems to be getting lighter and lighter. Whitney and I finally cute your straggly side hairs and now it seems THICK all over in just a week
Eye color: Still bright blue! Your eyelashes are dark, long and curl right up
Clothing size: 12-18 month
Diaper size: 3, but ready for 4 once this box is gone
Weight: 19.2
Height: 28.5 or so



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