I believe in extremes…once upon a time I would’ve been happy to tell you that trying to be *extreme* sounded fun.

However, as a mom, I believe *extremes* are unhealthy. A mom who won’t give her kids plastic toys because of BPA is extreme to me. A mom who won’t eat lunchmeat or brie or have an occasional glass of wine while pregnant is extreme to me.

I like to think I am somewhere in the middle….just tugging along trying everyday to figure it out.

Someone asked me once “What do you think is the hardest part of being a mom so far?” All I could think to answer was, “Am I doing it right?”

Does he get enough to eat? Does he sleep too much? Is the music at the concerts too loud for his eardrums? Should he be chewing on the table?

I mean, come on….you can’t control everything and even trying to do so seems to me like the most unhealthy environment possible for a child. Keep all gluten from them b/c they might be allergic is just asking for a fucked-up kid if you ask me. They will probably have acne and then be allergic to the protein in cow’s milk and you might as well label them “that kid who has to take her own cupcakes to birthday parties.”

I am pretty easy-going. But I do have a few *hopes* in my career as a mom….

With that being said, I simply DO NOT need to fit myself into one specific parenting category. I feed him when he cries, he sleeps at a different time every day and he seems pretty damn happy to me….

Here is what I DO believe….

*I believe in doing what is best for OUR family.

*I believe you can NEVER take too many pictures of your child. They simply change too much….

*I believe that germs are real and dangerous, but that constantly wiping surfaces down and pumping sanitizer onto your hands is just asking for a kid with allergies

* I believe in breastfeeding. I know that a lot of moms can’t b/c of work or it hurts, but I LOVE it….My goal is to breastfeed Reeve for a year. WOW!!! It’s so much harder than I thought to stay committed, but worth every second I get to hold his hand, stare into his eyes or snuggle with him. Not to mention the health benefits!

*I believe store-bought baby foods have no nutrients and are over-cooked and dyed to look like real food.
*I believe in BOOKS!!!!!!!! They are in every room in our house and we both like Date Nights to our local book store (non-chain) and we read to Reeve as much as possible. Baby books, board books, magazines, whatever….I want him to fall in love with books as Kirk and I have….listen to different types music and make dancing as a family a priority.
*I believe in eating dinner at our table as a family as much as we can.
*I believe in wooden toys that don’t light up. We get Reeve toys that require imaginationand aren’t  battery-operated. They are so loud and I feel like they MUST be part of the reason KIDS THESE DAYS (yikes, did I just type that) are obsessed with Nintendos and iStuff and computers.
*I believe in taking your newborn/infant to museums, and record stores, and concerts and places that encourage creativity.
*I believe in traveling as much as possible with your baby. Take them EVERYWHERE you went before they came along as early on in their life as possible. It will teach them how to behave properly in every situation.
*I believe in laughing at ourselves and savor the goofy moments.
*I believe schedules and books about schedules and Babywise is a bunch of CRAP!!! Stop watching the clock to “be on a schedule” and just ENJOY!!!! I once read all of these books in hope to “normalize” my child….and you know what, he figured it all out on his own.
*I believe that you should toss out all parenting books and trust my intuition. It’s the hardest of all so far.
*I believe in showing Reeve what a healthy, respectful, loving marriage looks like so he can grow up to have wonderful relationships.
Lastly, I believe in having fun! Being a mom is the best gift in the world, and something I take time to show respect for every day. I thank God as much as I can for the little boy he has given me. If you aren’t having fun being a mom or a parent, something isn’t right…you are missing the boat!
I found this amazing post about just this topic. If I could copy and paste this as my own I would. I whole-heartedly agree about her disdain for the term “attachment” parents.

2 thoughts on “Mom-tra

  1. hear hear! I love your post, I wish we had museums, galleries and the like to take Bo to! Thanks for linking to mine, tis always love to know there are people reading!

    • Hello Sash….thanks for finding me. I love reading your blog. Sorry that you don’t have museums/galleries, but books are just as wonderful…they can take your mind anywhere.

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