Reeve Denver,

is it possible? How can it be? I can so clearly remember the drive to the hospital with daddy as we were on our way to have you. Pictures of my pregnancy with you have been popping up on my Facebook lately and I look so young. I remember wondering who you were. What would you look like? I remember your tiny little bird body and your big ears. Every thing with you was so new and scary. You were my whole world….now you share my world with your brother and each day is more than a memory…it’s an ADVENTURE.

I don’t want to say that you are four. It seems so old, you look so old. Today in your Polo shirt with a collar, daddy and I could see you as a teenager. A fresh haircut and a vocabulary that rivals a high school student. We are in for a world of trouble with you. You are smart as can be and constantly amaze us with the most random things you know. You are GORGEOUS and are going to be quite the heartbreaker. You are kind and generous and always so empathetic to anyone in pain.

Some days you drive me nuts though, I won’t lie. You talk back and are whiny and you’ve either “broken your leg” or think I’m the “worst mommy in the world” because I won’t play Batman with you from sun up to sun down. But…more often than not…you are my baby.

But most days…most days you are the most fun, boisterous little friend I have.

You give the best kisses and say the funniest things. Today you were reminded of the newly sprouted curl that is at the top of your head and when you looked in the mirror you said, “AGH…my hair is all pumped up. I hate it…I don’t look like me with this.”

You love to snuggle me and only want me to tuck you in at night. You get two or three or 8 stories (usually at least one about Hip & Hop, Don Linny’s bunnys).

You would wear Batman t-shirts every day if you could. You wear two pair of underwear sometimes and you can’t stand it when your comforter isn’t perfect (even when you are in the bed).

You love to chew gum and your diet consists of milk, bread and cheese. You want all your food “served with love” and would eat candy all day if you could.

You love helping Daddy feed the horses and picking out their sugar cubes. You love walking to the creek without a shirt on to look for tadpoles. You love walking out back and leaving our vegetables out for the deer.

You always ask what time it is and tell me you love me 160,000 and four million percent (or some made up number)

You don’t know your letters and show zero interest in learning them.

You remember THE most random things (like Checkers in the mountains over a year ago).

You are an expert at coloring with a marker (left-handed) and brush your teeth 4 times a day with the electronic toothbrush.

You say “poop” 100 times a day and told me your bagel yesterday was “damn good.” You also saw Lowe do something funny and said, “what the hell!!!?

You pee all over the walls when you go potty b/c you are in too much of a hurry to concentrate and you always say “PRIVACY” when you are going number two.

You love to buckle yourself into your booster and get mad if we even try.

You gag and try to puke when we force you eat a new food (even if it’s mac & cheese)

In case you haven’t gathered, we find delight in nearly everything you do. Being

Tonight I told you that I wanted you to stay a baby forever and you said, “Mommy, I have to get bigger and grow though all the numbers!” You told me I can even live in your basement someday and if you don’t have a basement, I can live upstairs! You even took my face in your hands and assured me over and over that it was okay.

I just can’t get enough of how great of a brother you have become too, Reeve. I’m so proud to see how you interact with Lowe. The purest Joy in your day is always when you can get him to laugh, smile or screech! You sometimes are a little rough with him and I swear I tell you 5 times a day not to pull on his legs, but he just adores you. He looks at you with complete LOVE and his eyes just light up every time you come near him. I can’t wait for him to start talking and walking so he can be your Playmate. And I just know that the two of you will grow to be each other’s best friend.

In the past 2 months, life as you know it has changed so drastically. We sold our house on the cul de sac with all of your sweet little friends and moved to a 13-acre property with horses in Lawrence, KS to be nearer family, but also to give you boys a place to RUN and explore and really get a childhood! I won’t lie…it wasn’t as hard for me to say goodbye to my friends/neighbors/or the mountains as it was for me to have to try to explain to you that you won’t probably see your friends much anymore. You have done really well with all of it, but a few times I have looked in the rearview mirror to see you just silently looking out the window with big, real tears in your eyes. I always know….the REAL tears don’t come with whining, they come with silence! Of course you miss your friends and you miss your school, but you’ve made so many friends here already. Being the New Kid has been really fun for you! You have a new BFF in Addison and are doing really well at your new school. You have spent so much time outside and love helping daddy feed the horses at least once a day. You love looking out our windows and seeing the family of deer and have really thrived with all of the new responsibilities we’ve given you. We are really proud of you, Reeve.

Soccer starts soon and we hope you love it, but it’s okay if you don’t too. Much like it’s okay if you don’t actually like the Big Boy Bike with training wheels you are getting tomorrow for your birthday. At this point, are aren’t that “into” anything sports-related…it’s hard for me to imagine you wearing baggy gym shorts with a Jayhawk on them or shooting hoops like every other little kid in this college town. You are such a Cerebral child. You ask to go to the library and get books on sphinxes and moons and could care less about kickball or basketball. It’s much easier for me to imagine you sitting in a corner with a comic book or in classroom debating with the teacher about something.


You have THE BIGGEST imagination. We love watching you play and seeing your brain create scenarios and worlds that no one else can see. The way you are able to describe things and recall something you heard about once a year or more ago amazes us. You are an Idea Guy and I always have to laugh when I watch you at the playground with other kids. You are the one coming up with who pretends to be who, who says what and I see other kids going along with it. I used to laugh and think that you’d be the one to come up with the big idea and get someone else to carry it out for you, but I swear you are THE most cautious 4-year-old in the world. You always have to make sure things are safe and “appropriate” before you proceed.

I swear, just when I think you are so big and so grown up, you have a giant meltdown about Teddy and “where is he?” and how you “need to snuggle him” or have to tuck him under the covers just right. You carry him around so sweetly and we love seeing you care for him. We see that same level of love and care towards Lowe too. Today at the nursery in the gym school, I watched you from outside the window fending off unruly toddlers nearing him and you are constantly on the lookout for small things he can accidentally put in his mouth. That’s not to say you aren’t rough with him or that you don’t try to see what you can get away with often.

Reeve Denver, we just want you to know that no matter what each year brings or what you grow up to do, we love you more and more with every day. We are so proud of you and you have brought nothing buy Joy into our lives. Daddy and I are so very thankful and Thank God every night for letting you be healthy and strong. We know how lucky we are in this respect.

Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for making me a Mommy. Thank you for making my life so much MORE. Thank you for every smile, laugh and every memory.

I love you more than any word in this world that could possibly exist…IMG_2999 IMG_3001-2 IMG_3000 IMG_2992 IMG_2994


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