So I’m sitting in the hospital alone. Kirk has gone home to nap with Reeve and shower/grab what he never packed (despite telling him “you should pack a a bag soon”). Lowe is in the NICU getting warmed up and some antibiotics to fight an infection.

And I’m here pumping and watching ESPN. What should come on but a quick 15 minute story about Lowe’s namesake.

Irony? No. Just a sign that we didn’t even need that our son is exactly who is is supposed to be.

It’s no secret that baseball is a HUGE part of Kirk’s soul and since our “souls are now one” (as they say) it’s creeped it’s way into mine very sneakily. I can’t help but love a sport that has given the man I love so much opportunity and skills that have turned him into the wonderful man he is.

In early October, as Post Season MLB began, I began to approach the “safe” point in my 2nd pregnancy where we could start to tell people we were pregnant, I also began to start my List of Baby Names. Before any Gender or Genetic test could confirm what I already knew, my list of Boy Names began to grow increasingly longer. Liking one-syllable names that ended in -E I had some Hippie names/Hipster names/music names….with none really fitting*just right*

We don’t have  cable television, but it was impossible (even from Denver) to escape the success of the season the KC Royals were having. Being from Kansas, my excitement started to grow and for the first time in our 6 years together, I kept asking Kirk what was going on in the post-season and inviting him to watch whatever KC games we could on the MLB package he had bought. Needless to say, he was pretty excited and my KC Love for the team I grew up with returned after a 20+ year sabbatical from baseball (with the exception of Kirk’s games EVERY Sunday for 6 months EVERY year for 6 years)

I remember sitting at home one day and turning on the Apple TV myself to find the MLB channel so I could watch a particular post-season game and being just *amazed* with an outfielder named Lorenzo Cain. His athleticism, excitement and a small media piece I’d seen on how his mother had influenced his life/career really touched my heart. I was fascinated with this professional athlete who hadn’t even started playing until his Junior year of High School. I remember a part where he said he loved sports, but never bothered his mother to play b/c she was working 2 jobs as a single mom and he knew it would cost them money. That broke and touched my heart dearly.

He became THE player on the time I fell in love with while everyone else was crushing on Hosmer. “LoCain!!!!!!!” they would chant. Signs would display. It stuck in my ear.  I found myself talking about LoCain when talking about baseball. I was talking about baseball. ME? BASEBALL?

On October 8, the media quickly picked up on the story of LoCain being exhausted from Playoffs and his wife having delivered their new baby boy (who would have the middle name Loe)….


that’s it…that’s my boy’s name! Only, the spelling didn’t stick with me because of how it looked when I wrote it out next to Reeve…it needed something. I walked around for days with it in my head and, after seeing the ridiculous Rob Lowe commercials that coincidentally were airing at the same time, announced to Kirk that our son was to be named Lowe and knew that it would take some convincing so I sold it to Kirk with the fact that’s “it’s a baseball name with a baseball story about who is now my favorite baseball player.” I took a few tries using it in a sentence, but soon Reeve was referring to his “baby brother, Lowe” and he’s been that ever since.

I just immediately loved how it sounded with Reeve….Reeve & Lowe….and started saying it with his brother’s name, writing them side-by-side and soon announced his nursery would have a baseball theme and was able to find some awesome small pieces on a trip home for the room, but commissioned from Shanty Town Home Decor to custom create this 48×36 wooden  scoreboard for over his crib.


Choosing Lowe’s middle name came nearly immediately after.

On our Second Date, I invited myself over to Kirk’s house and we decided to just stay in and watch movies. He cancelled Concert Plans (and if you know Kirk know this is a BIG deal) and borrowed eggs from his elderly neighbors to make me pancakes b/c I had told him that’s what I wanted for dinner (seriously???? random, huh…the pancakes were awful wheat ones made from some mix his health freak ex had left behind, but I thought it was super cute).

We didn’t talk about what movie we would watch, and to be honest, I didn’t honestly think we even would watch a movie. Back then, our lives were more exciting than Movie Nights in.

He popped in what was his Favorite Movie. I was in disbelief. That’s my favorite movie too…and I wasn’t trying to impress him. At this point, I didn’t even know how huge a part baseball was in his life, my love for this particular movie was not at all about baseball, but perhaps some fantasy about how lucky a wanderlust girl in a big city must be to fall in love with a professional athlete…Kevin Costner in For Love of the Game. He plays Billy Chapel, a pitcher who is balancing his Final Season in a long and successful career as a pitcher and love.

There are so many scenes in this movie that I can quote line for line, and I don’t ever quote movies. I loved Jane’s outfits (she wore a dress with combat boots….and was so cute). They play an obscure Bob Dylan song that I pointed out to Kirk that night I loved and he said, “that’s not Bob Dylan” and we googled it b/c I was SO right and was, in fact, right and he was so impressed (that’s huge if you know Kirk’s love of music, I imagine pretty hot too to have a girl correct you on a subject you consider yourself an expert on). Kirk loves the movie too for it’s Pitcher plotline and the name Chapel had always somehow sort of been on our “list” b/c of that date night.

But, Kirk also means Chapel in Olde English. And with Reeve sharing Denver with Kirk as a middle name, we loved this coincidence and now our boy has not one, but TWO baseball names.

It wasn’t until about month 6 that I heard the name Lindan (though spelled differently) through a blogger I followed and found myself storing that away on my List of Baby Names for a middle name someday. And then, as one would expect, I started thinking about it more and more and twisted some spellings around realized that with an -A instead of an -E it was really just my mom’s name with an -N on the end.

Linda + N

My nephews are named after their grandfathers, my cousin’s daughter named after my mom’s mom Grandma Hope and no one had named their child after my mom. I think every mom should have their story carried on somehow. Don Linny LOVES her boys and they love her wildly and she’s my best friend and once I connected the dots, I just NEEDED to name him after her. Suddenly, it became a struggle for me to tell Kirk that he might be Lowe Lindan instead of Lowe Chapel. I considered putting the name aside for *someday if we have another child* but not knowing if we wanted another one or not, I just knew we had to use it. Kirk really wanted Chapel and Reeve was already referring to him as Lowe Chapel, so we couldn’t really change it…so we just added it in the mix. Why Not?

So, Lowe Chapel Lindan Mooneyham it is.

We didn’t tell my mom we were naming our son after her until she first came to see him yesterday. We wanted to surprise her and tell her as she was holding him. We think she’s pretty proud about it, but life has been too hectic just 24 hours in to ask her.

He’s a tiny thing with a big name. We think someday his name and it’s story are going to be important.

For us, choosing a name for our sons is so much more about a name we like. Did you know that everyone favorite word is actually their own name? People love using and hearing their own name. It makes them feel important and puts them at ease. Names are first impressions. I couldn’t stand to just choose a name that had no real story or to say “we just like how it sounded.”

Reeve had such a great story (Click here to read) to how we chose his name and we love the reaction and questions it always receives and we knew Lowe’s name needed just as big of a story as Reeve’s. I can’t imagine looking in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and seeing their name on a beanbag. I can’t imagine another child even sharing the same name as my child. Hearing Lowe on a playground would, quite honestly, break my heart a little. I’ve had pregnant moms ask my Reeve’s name and I sometimes consider telling them something fake b/c I always see them storing the name away on their List of Baby names.

Anyway, we are pretty proud of our little Lowe and after a 36 hour labor, are referring to him as Lowe Poke, he sure took his time getting here. Reeve calls him Lowe Battery (if you’ve seen Big Hero 6, you get it) and we are certainly hoping he is Lowe Maintenance.

His name and it’s baseball story is so important to the Story of Us. Watching ESPN hours after his birth and learning even more about how good of a son he is in addition to a baseball player, has me nursing Lowe and whispering in his ear that he better grow up and buy his mama a house too someday.

We love you little, Lowe Chapel Lindan Mooneyham. You are already a great baby who has brought Mommy much joy and a complete sense of balance in my world. Right now you are sleeping between my legs on the hospital bed in a onesie with puppies on it and making newborn squeaks and all I can think about is how perfect you are.



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