Dear Lowe,

I start this letter one day after your Second Party and on the Eve of your actual birthday!

I am picturing today specifically and your tiny little arms in your Bug Life Tank Top, your long legs, your round and full belly, your yellow John Deere hat & brown JD socks, how far you can hit the baseball off of the tee, your laugh as you open the doggy card from Granny & Poppy that barks at you, and….those curls!

Lowe, those curls give me LIFE!

Two is my favorite. Hands down, without a doubt two is the funniest and funniest.  We spend every day laughing and repeating the cute and funny things you say. Your vocabulary has taken off and you bounce from Sweet to Ornery to Bad to Silly to Cute. All in all, you are the perfect 2-year-old.

You say things like “Can I jump high?” and “Can I do this” and “what the hecky heck?” in the car over and over just to annoy Reeve. You say “Don’t call me Tee Tee” and  are starting to say things like “it’s not hot, it’s warm.” You are so smart and can finish the sentences in the books we read every night (with Goodnight, Tractor being your favorite). You know what you do and don’t like and say, “Me no like…”

I can’t remember our lives without you. I’m thinking about what life for Reeve would have been like if you had not came along. You are the best of friends and live to make each other laugh and annoyed. You like to wrestle each other, play fight, knock over his Legos, bite him when he doesn’t do what you want, spin…whatever it takes to rile him up. When you take baths together, you love that moment he gets in with you and never fail to get excited to be close to him. You steal his food. You punch him. You sneak into his room and play with his toys. You want so badly to sleep in bed with him but cannot calm yourself enough to not flip all over the place.

Unlike Reeve, you could be outdoors 24/7. You are our Country Boy. Your love for dirt, bugs, farm animals, horses, mowing, John Deere, riding in Daddy’s truck, cowboy hats and anything that you think has to do outdoors parallels Reeve’s love for Batman. Mowing with Daddy is the all-time best thing life has offered you so far. You hear a motor anywhere and perk up and say “daddy’s mowing” and always want to find your little bubble blower mower and haul it around the house with you. Riding on Daddy’s lawn mower is just your ultimate high. There were mornings recently where I would go get you out of your crib and the first thing you’d say was, “I’m gonna go ask daddy ride lawn mower.” And, boy, do you love your Daddy.

Baseball in the side yard is another thing you love to do each evening and you adore going to Reeve’s games and learning how to climb on the bleachers, pulling weeds, picking up spit out sunflower seeds and playing in the mud. You always take your own glove and ball with you and purposely put them on the wrong hand just so we can remind you which it goes on. You are a Leftie, by the way…just like Reeve. And, man oh man, can you swing that bat!!! Hard and you know exactly what you are doing.

Since you’ve stopped nursing after Mommy & Daddy went to Arizona, we’ve had to have Daddy rock you to sleep. When I do it, it takes over 30 minutes. You flip and flop, lick me, want to read, want to sit, want to cuddle but lay upside down on my legs, you get off the chair and on the chair, play with my hair, zerbert my arm, lick my chest….but daddy? Well, he sings you two songs and has you snoring! You get upset when I’m the one who gets you out of the crib in the morning. You want to see daddy first thing!

You still wake up and are able to play alone in your crib for about 20-30 minutes and then play Possum when we come in to get you. You pretend to be asleep and immediately want to go downstairs and find daddy.

You love going to the gym with me every day and have friends at the nursery that you talk about, but that Reeve says you have nothing really to do with. You love Miss Whitney and told me the other day she’s your best friend. You love Addison and Libby (Dibby). You like to name people and list them if I rock you to sleep. We name everyone you know and practice counting (you skip a lot of numbers).

I swear, you have just, in the past month, gone from Baby to Boy. I’m really having a bit of a hard time with that. You will always be the “baby” in this family. We are finished having kids and there is something so sad and bittersweet about knowing that. I tend to cherish each and every thing you do so much more, yet as you get older. Sometimes I pick you up and snuggle you and think “is this the last time he will let me do this?”

I’m also finding more time to do photography and other projects and less time to blog about life as I did with your brother. I don’t think I will every feel guilt about that…it just is. I do take hundreds of pictures of you each day it seems. I wish I thought to write down more of the funny things you say, there are some doozies.

I will probably most remember about this age and stage of your life the very intentionally naughty things you do. From purposely walking into the TV room and dumping your water on the new carpet to biting when we tell you not to and sneaking outside when you know you aren’t allowed out there alone. It’s frustrating, but it’s also so wonderful to see you independent you are.

Reeve still wants to hold my hand when we walk and gets nervous being 10 feet away from me. Not you…nope…you run off in Target and refuse to hold my hand to cross the street and are perfectly fine looking me in the eye and telling me NO! Your personalities are so wonderfully different and unique.

I have forgotten so much about Reeve at this stage, but it certainly does seem as though you are ornerier and like to test your limits. I think you are going to have a lot more of your mom in you than Reeve does.

You are still in your crib. You hate brushing your teeth. You run so fast and your arms are still wildly flailing around. You actually like to be in Time Out. You love Uncle Ryan and don’t really understand that our sweet Hannah has passed on. You think she’s “taking a bath.” You sit on the corner of my bathtub when I bathe and love to just watch me. You have started to be interested in the potty and call it “poop in turtle” which is your FROG shaped potty (not a turtle). You eat ALL OF THE TIME….love salads, meat, noodles, lettuce, tomatoes, pepperonis (pepper tonys), candy, cheese, smoothies…pretty much everything. You had a Hot Dog themed birthday party (b/c of the Mickey Mouse song) and got your very own John Deere tractor. Every question we ask you is answered with “ummmm…i dunno…then the answer!”

You are our EVERYTHING!

You snuggle me and give me the best hug and love love love to “give juicies” which are the wettest, tongue kisses a little boy has ever given his momma.

I could still stare at you all day every day. Your hair is wild and messy and your curls are golden and would make the perfect little ponytail….I will never cut them.

Lowe, from the moment I knew I was pregnant with you and the moment daddy realized those Superman booties in a box meant you were joining our family, I’ve loved you with my whole heart and knew that we were always meant to have you.

You are utter Joy in my day. You are a LIGHT and come from so much wonderful love. Daddy, Reeve and I could not be happier that it is YOU who has completed our family and who keeps us laughing and smiling.

I love you, Lowe Chapel Lindan Mooneyham….Tee Tee….


***ps…these pictures kill me. You were THE MOST PERFECT 2-year-old one cloudy morning when we went outside in your Western shirt daddy bought you from the Boot Barn for your birthday. You had mommy’s green ponytail holder on your wrist like a bracelet and were perfectly happy that we got to go outside at 8am. You smiled and said “Cheeeeeese” and were happy as can be. I adore you.



Favorite things to do: swim in the pool, jump off the side, eat, help yourself to food in the pantry, baseball, mowing, John Deere, all things farm-related, candy, animals, playing hide-n-seek, counting as we walk down the stairs.

Favorite things to eat: EVERYTHING…even kale, lettuce, tomatoes, steak, meatballs…anything

Dislikes: being told “no,” Night Night time, brushing your teeth, sitting still, being indoors,
Scary items: mice, lizards, snakes…
Cute item: yellow & green John Deere hat, flip flops, left-handed baseball glove,
Hair color: GLORIOUS!
Eye color: Still bright blue.
Clothing size: 3T
Diaper size: 6
Weight: 32#
Height: Don’t know
Teeth: lots…I have no idea…I didn’t keep track of them like I did with your brother, but I know your mouth is full and looks just like daddy’s.

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