I feel so badly that I never blog about you, Lowe. I promise I am taking 20+ pictures of you a day and that I adore absolutely everything you do….I’m just tired, behind, doing laundry, in need of a bath and busy cleaning up something somewhere.

I adore your long curls.
I adore how you shrug your shoulders at everything we say.
I adore how you say “huh?”
I adore how you play Peek A Boo now
I adore how you run with your belly out, arms flailing
I adore how you count 1, 2, 8
I adore how you blame Bubba for every owie and sometimes fake owies just to blame him
I adore how you sit on the bottom step for a snack
I adore that you like to hide items under my legs when I sit
I adore how you say Mick Mow and Hot Dog
I adore how you love lying on your belly in the bathtub
I adore how you think anyone in a hat is daddy
I adore how you are figuring out how to use a spoon and make enormous messes while doing so
I adore how you sit in my bathtub and look out the window for the horses
I adore how you stand and fall on your belly on the couch
I adore how you just idolize Reeve and want so badly to be near him
I adore how you pull your socks off in the car (not really)
I adore how you give me the best kisses on my cheeks
I adore how you play with my belly button while you nurse (not)

Oh, I could go on and on, Lowe.

You are just one big smile. One big hug. One big ball of gooey love wrapped in curls and smelly feet.

I am going to make it my 2017 Goal to update the world more on you. It’s only fair that I do….you ARE the World’s Most Adorable Toddler, after all.


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