Dear Lowe,

without a doubt, this is my absolute favorite  two months we’ve had together! You are snuggly, smart, busy, kind, a good listener and you ADORE Reeve.

Honestly, this month above all else developmentally, has blossomed the relationship between you and Brother. You copy EVERYTHING he does and wake up each morning yelling, “Bubba? Bubba?”. You like to know where he is at all times and love nothing more than those rare moments he says, “want to go build awesome Legos, Lowe?” You waddle off to his room, find your place on your designated chair and hand him small piece after small piece to get his attention. You will do anything to get him to laugh, play with you, smile at you or be ornery. Now that you are walking, starting to talk and can play and kind of follow directions he has definitely taken more of an interest in you as well. He wavers back and forth between loving the crap out of you and ripping toys out of your hands and screaming in your face.

My biggest hope as a parent is that the two of you will always be best friends. Long after Daddy & I are gone, I only wish for you to be better friends to each other than brothers. Watching Reeve get you food each morning or teach you what he learned at school that day or let you take a turn at bat brings me more Joy than anything I’ve ever known.

When you make Reeve laugh, your face lights up with such pride. You are a little clown in his presence, doing whatever you can to get his attention. Sometimes it’s jumping off the couch or falling on him, often it’s sneaking into his room to play when he’s not looking. Whatever you do, each of you is aware where the other is at all times.

With that being said, each of you definitely has moments where you push each other’s buttons. Lowe, you bite at him and throw hard objects at his head in the car. He locks you out of his room and rips things out of your hand. It’s give & take…

From the moment you wake up each morning (quite early), you are such a content little guy. Oftentimes I will look at you on the monitor and see you just sitting there quietly in the corner of your crib playing with one of the stuffed animals you sleep with or the tag on your blanket. When I finally am awake enough to go get you, you immediately start kissing my face to get “night night”/to nurse. I have trained you to beg by kissing me to nurse and, while at first it was really cute, now I think you associate kisses for me with that. Ooops. You do like to lift my shirt up, pay my belly and then kiss it over and over too though. I say, “home” and you just kiss it and kiss it and kiss it (you also love to poke my belly button really hard and give me slow, long zerberts on my belly t00). But when you want to nurse……man, oh man….you pound on my chest and throw your body into position until I am able to distract you with something.

We then find Bubba and go downstairs where you start begging for “nut nut” (which is donut, muffin, cookie, cake, snack all in one) and “mmmmemmmmm”/milk  in a “Bobble”/bottle. I buckle you into your high chair while we all eat and are able to kill about half an hour each morning before you start waving your hands in the air to sign “Done” and say “buck”/buckle for me to let you out.

We usually head straight to Gym School for an hour so mommy can work out. You used to scream and hate it there, but now that you can walk, you usually follow Reeve right in and head toward the Mega Blocks in back to play with. I always return to find you snuggling one of the ladies who works there. When you see me you run a lap around the room (one your hands like Mowgli) and then get so excited to go. You say “bahhhh” with the cutest little twang and wave bye bye.

Whether we are in town or at our home, we play until naptime. Puzzles, Legos, counting 1-2-3 (uh, ooh, ee) and jumping off the futon, sitting and looking out the window at the Ha Ha’s, up & down the stairs, throwing balls, feeding horses, pulling out board games to throw everywhere, LOTS of snacks, opening the pantry door, gently patting Hannah. Lately, you have begun to grab a picture book and crawl into my lap. We say the words over and over for the animals or objects in the book. You went from zero interest in books to wanting to spend hours in my lap reading overnight. Whatever it is, you always tell me when it’s time to nap. You say “night night” and go towards your rocking chair. I do still nurse you to sleep. It’s a Love/Hate relationship. I hate it, but can’t imagine not getting to stare into your eyes or comb through your wild curls. I lay you down in your crib and you roll right onto your belly. You will nap for an 1-2 hours and wake up ready to find Bubba. If it’s a day where he is at school, you get extra time with Mommy & I get extra snuggles and loving. Those are my favorite days. It’s hard to give you all the attention I want to.

We get in the car and go sit outside the school to get Reeve. From the moment you are out of the car, you are yelling “BUBBA” (and “Adda” if Addison is with us) and running towards the front doors. You stick your face right up to the glass looking for him and jump up& down when he finally appears. He’s so excited to see you too (but then quickly forgets to ask for a snack or treat) and you repeat his name over and over the whole drive home.

Oh, you also love to say “Mommy?, Mommy? Mommy?” in the car repeatedly. Each time with a question mark at the end. You won’t stop until I reply or grab your hand. It’s gotten to the point where we see how long you will continue without a reply from me. It’s quite annoying, but also insanely cute and funny. Reeve just shakes his head and laughs at you.

Once we are home, we usually play outside if the weather is nice. You walk all over the sidewalks and patio with your belly out and your arms all over the place trying desperately to find any balance you may have. You walk 95% of the time now, but do occasionally run like Mowgli if you have to get somewhere fast. I really, truly do just love how you walk. It always makes me smile! Your curls bounce and when you fall onto your bottom say, “uh oh” and hop back up and after Reeve. You have started to run, or try to. You fall a lot when you do this and are always giggling as you are on the go.

In the yard you love piling up leaves and moving them to & from a location. You like to sit on the porch step outside the kitchen window with a snack and bottle in hand. You love love LOVE playing baseball or even watching daddy & Reeve play from the comfort of your little red car. Feeding the horses with daddy is your absolute favorite. When he asks you if you want to go, you start saying “ha ha hat” and walk around looking for your cowboy hat, which you won’t go outside with

***side note….as I type this, Reeve is letting you play Legos with him and he’s singing “reeve & lowe…friends forever….forever….for EVER” over and over. You are smiling up at him and my heart is a big puddle all over the floor.

Back to being outside. I honestly don’t think that will ever change. When we are outside doing yard work or cleaning up, you freely roam near us and are just perfectly content to get dirty or just watch us. I hope you stay that way. We can already tell what a big helper you will be out here. You love being told to go throw things in the trash or to go get something for us and always do so with a huge smile on your face.

You are getting bigger every day and understand nearly everything we say and tell you to do. Your curls put smiles on the faces of everyone, including nearly every old lady who sees you in a grocery store or at Target. You are silly, but sweet. Ornery and smart. You eat everything we put in front of you (attempting to do so with your fork) and love to follow daddy around. Baths are the most fun now that you know how to splash and lay on your belly. You love reading books and always find the ones with pages you can feel things on. You don’t care for TV yet. You love trying to jump and when you run my heart is as full as it’s ever been when you belly is out and your arms flail and your curls bounce.

You make me the happiest mama EVER with your constant kisses and hugs! How lucky we are to have been blessed with you in our lives.

Thank you for being ours (mine) and for making us constantly laugh, roll our eyes and giggle.



lowea loweb lowec1

Favorite things to do: throw things away for us, run & jump at Reeve on the couch, look at the Christmas Tree, pull your socks off, pull the cushions off Mommy’s blue chair in her bedroom, sit on the bathtub and look out the window at the horses, read books on Mommy’s lap, doing all of your animal sounds, baths with Reeve

Favorite things to eat: cheese, meat, noodles, ICE CREAM, suckers, pizza,…pretty much anything

Dislikes: Getting buckled into the carseat, wearing a hat, sitting in a shopping cart, being told you can’t have Night Night, getting diaper changed.
Scary items: little ladybug things that are always on the floor in the Loft
Cute item: horse toys, animal books, Legos, still balls
Hair color: Yellow & curly and long…I’m not cutting it though, even if you did get called a girl 4 times this week
Eye color: Still bright blue.
Clothing size: 2T
Diaper size: 5
Weight: 26#
Height: Don’t know
Teeth: 12

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