I was hanging up a Christmas ornament last night with Lowe as a baby and can’t believe that was ONLY A YEAR AGO!
I have been horrible about blogging with him versus his older brother. Time just isn’t there for me. Some days I’m lucky that I get dressed and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I maybe take two baths a week. 
Blogging? Sadly, there’s little time for it. 

But when I walked into his crib to wake him up form a three hour nap so we could go pick up Reeve and saw him like this I just stared. And watched. His belly rising and falling with each breathe. Those messy curls. Little fingers. Chubby belly. Tiny toes. 

I hate how fast it all goes and, yet, I’m always so grateful they grow and are healthy and strong. 

I’m in love with this little squirt. 


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