Dear Baby Lowe,
you aren’t much of a baby anymore…you are getting longer and leaner and as you TRY to walk more and more, you are more BOY than Baby….and I’m okay with that. You are really so much fun! So funny and silly and curious and smart!!!

You pretty much understand everything I say or ask you to do. You sign more with your fingers now, as opposed to just clapping or yelling at us, as well as rubbing your belly for Please. You haven’t mastered the “all done” sign but it’s pretty obvious b/c you push my hand away and say NO NO NO….

You give Mommy LOTS of kisses and hugs and love walking up to me and just laying on my chest. You like it when I say “snugggglesssss” and think pinching my nose is the best b/c I always say BEEP!

You answer “no” for everything no matter what we ask you…even if you mean Yes. You say it so cute, like “noh”…in French, maybe. Once out of every 100 times you will do a long, slow NO as if you really mean it. Randomly, you will do this really cute SLOW nod with the hugest smile and just melt anyone who is near you.

The Bear Crawl still garnishes you a ton of attention when people see it. You can just go so fast!!! It’s no wonder you barely have tried much walking until now. You are all over, back & forth on the couch and are either up on the table behind it or trying to swing one leg over the back to slide down the back. Little Dare Devil.

You are also all up in Hannah’s business this month. Especially when she is minding her own business sleeping on the floor and you just want to beep her nose too. Poor Old Girl…she’s pretty good with you, but she’s also heavily medicated! Yesterday, you crawled under her when she was standing and she honestly had no clue!

Our day still begins at 6:39 sharp when you wake up crying and screaming! I watch you on the monitor for a bit as you try to fall back asleep with your butt up in the air and then I walk into your room and if you aren’t just sitting there snuggling a blanket or stuffed animal then you are lying on your back kicking your legs up and down as hard as you can on the mattress. You want lifted up right away and point to the rocker for me to nurse you. You also do this at the Gym Nursery when I pick you up. You don’t come straight to me, but crawl over to the rocking chair so I have to walk over and get you and nurse you. Stinker…you are only nursing 3 times a day, but I’m kind of over it. Of course, I say that and then you bat your eyes at me and I sweep your hair off of your forehead and you hug on me and I realize I will probably never nurse another baby and I think we will probably be doing this for quite a bit longer.

You are trying to talk up a storm. You call Reeve DooDah (this started when we would call him Bubba DooDah). It’s funny and he calls you this also. He still calls horses Ha Ha’s and goes crazy everytime he’s near them or the pasture. His bottle is his “baba” and he can say “berry” and “eat” and “bohbal” for football, “bayBall” for baseball.

You adore Reeve and want more than anything to be in his room exploring. He hates this! He slams the door and I swear to God I’m going to spank him soon b/c he is going to slam a finger in there. You think he’s the funniest and today he held your little hand and helped you walk and I about died! The older you get, the more interest he takes in you. You just watch him and smile. You love watching him play ball with Daddy.

One of the funniest things you do is walk or crawl up to me and slap the tiny bat you have in my hand and then run off to grab a ball so you can pitch it at me. Left-handed, mind you. You really can aim and have quite an arm. You really already do love baseball. We can be at a restaurant and there will be a game on the tv and you look at the screen and start yelling “bah bah!!!” and are okay to just watch the game.

Daddy says you need a haircut and I couldn’t disagree more. Your hair is glorious and long and full and yellow and the curls are the sweetest and I just play with them all day long.

Lowe, I just can’t put into the words how much fun you are. Each day with you is so different and even though you are THE CLINGIEST baby and never want me to put you down, I’m okay with it. You are growing and changing so fast and the days seem so long come 3pm every day, but I know it’s just a blink before you are running and I am pulling you in hard to get close to you. My skin is all you really need right now and you are all I really need

I’m sorry I don’t post as much or as often for you as I did for your brother. I feel a lot of guilt about that, but I don’t have all day every day to just sit and stare at you like I did him and so when I do have spare moments (and they are RARE), I’d rather just be with you than on this computer trying to remember you.

Let’s always and always be best friends. I love you so much, DooDah!


lowe-10 lowe-14 lowe-18 lowe-21 lowe-26 lowe-27 lowe-28 lowe-31



Favorite things to do: Crawl up & down the stairs, try to open the latch on the gate upstairs, throw your bottle on the floor, random somersaults that worry us, eat off of your hight chair tray like a dog, fake burp, sneak into Reeve’s room and play with his toys, turn the faucet in the bathtub on & off

Favorite things to eat: grapes, berries, cheese, pizza…basically anything we eat, but NOT brussel sprouts!

Dislikes: Mommy being anywhere but right there with you, me not holding you, me not nursing you, me not touching you…and carseats
Scary items: Vampire Halloween book and the Halloween aisle at Target that makes creepy noises
Cute item: baseball bats…you have a true swing and stance and can throw the ball like crazy. Definitely left-handed…
Hair color: Yellow & curly and long…I’m not cutting it though, even if you did get called a girl 4 times this week
Eye color: Still bright blue. The doctor said we should get you sunglasses for the car so you your eyes don’t get damaged. WTF!  Like you would keep those on.
Clothing size: 18-24 month
Diaper size: 5
Weight: 24″
Height: 32
Teeth: 8 or 9…two top molars
Words you say: 
sku me (excuse me…when you fake burp)
done (with the appropriate sign language)
ha ha (horse)
baseball (bay bah)
bottle (bobble)
snack (nak)

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