13.Months…and 14.months

it’s just about two weeks past your 13 month and I’m so behind it’s not even funny! Sorry….our days are just so full running allllllll the way to the pool, library, gym, grocery store, etc and it just slipped away from me.

This month has been the most fun with you. You are the funniest, happiest, most chill and ornery little dude. We still spend all of our time laughing at whatever trick you are mastering. Today it was pointing at the puppy on your shorts and yelping and panting. Some days it’s the uber nose crinkles and others it’s you crawling into the wall and banging your head on purpose. We can hardly keep up with you! Reeve thinks you are hysterical and you are finally starting to play a little rough back with him.

Your day starts with you whining and rolling around in your crib saying “han huh” and reaching for the stuffed Baby Hannah beanie baby that was your brothers. You love that thing and if you can see it but not get to it, you are pissed. You hate diaper changes and wake up ready to eat….and there is nothing you don’t like.  Your hair is usually wild each morning and settles nicely into curls once we step outside and the humidity strikes.

If it’s super early and you come into bed with us so that we can be quiet and not wake your brother up, then you crawl back and forth between daddy and me giving us snuggles and kisses. Daddy seems to get more. You love to snuggle up to him and then sit up and wait for us to clap or smile or acknowledge you. You look out the window in our room and start looking for the turkey and saying “gah-ull” which is gobble and means you want to see the turkeys. Lately you’ve been crawling around on the floor and love getting into my closet and pulling all of my shoes out. You have learned how to open and close the heavy door. Once Reeve is awake and downstairs with us, you get fired up and the two of you are raring to go for the day.

We then usually go straight to the nursery at the gym where some days you fuss and whine when I leave and others you just start playing and are fine. Each time I come pick you up, you look right at me and crawl straight to the rocking chair b/c you want to nurse. We then race back to the house before you fall asleep. You usually don’t last too long once we hit that bumpy dirt road so we have to race. As we drive down the hill you sing “ahhhhhhh” and let your voice bounce as you hit the bumps. It’s funny and always makes Reeve and I laugh.

Nap #1 of the day happens pretty quickly and can last anywhere from 1-2 hours….it’s my favorite because I can usually get the house pretty picked up. You wake up mad again and we do lunch. Cheese cubes are your favorite and you drink milk from the bottle finally. FINALLY!!!  You are usually so proud of yourself when you remember to tip your head back and start nodding your head up & down to say “yes”….you do that a lot actually.

If we are going to the pool we pack right up and load up all of the *stuff* it takes to get ready and head into the country club. I get your swim shirt on and sunscreen and have to find as many balls as I can to put into the Baby Pool to keep you occupied. You have become quiet brave at the pool and start crawling right away towards the deep end. I can’t take my eye off of you (not that I would) or you will end up in trouble quite quickly. For a baby who was so terrified that first few weeks of the pool, you are now obsessed with the water. You love for me to float you on your belly. You dip your face in, arms out like you are flying and your legs start kicking. You love to snack on whatever I bring you, but often it’s the french fries from the concession stand that you want. That, or the lid and straw from the water, which you also love. We stay for about 1-2 hours and then trek back up the hill to our car where we race home once again to beat nap #2.

If we make it home before you are asleep, I nurse you and put you down. If you’ve fallen asleep, I am sometimes able to get you transferred, but it’s not uncommon for Reeve to wake you up with his Batman antics.

You wake up and we usually play in the loft with whatever you find to hit with a bat or in the TV room. You always want to hit things. Sometimes you actually use a bat, but often it’s anything that can be used to beat something with. Unlike your brother, you easily entertain yourself and I feel badly that sometimes I’m not right down there playing with you, but I didn’t do that with Reeve and he’s constantly in need of attention and so we are okay letting you learn how to play alone. Sometimes you chase Hannah and you love crawling up to the windows in the lofts and looking out for the Ha Ha’s (horses).

We may end up outside to water the plants or walk around, but it’s been 95+ degrees every day and it’s just so damn miserable. Daddy usually comes home early to play with you while I cook dinner. You will eat strawberries, cheese and whatever we can dice up from our meal. You aren’t picky! The evenings are filled with us urging you to walk already! You can walk with the toy zebra pusher thing, but on your own you are only able to stand. Just today you stood up, threw your arms in the air and looked like you were working on getting up the courage to walk, but you just flung your body down.  You do the same thing on the large couch when you climb over Reeve back and forth. You like to go OVER us….

Your hair is crazy and your knees and legs are red from crawling. You are dirty and drooly with a new bottom tooth coming in. You poop a LOT and love taking baths with brother. You splash and like to stand up and turn the water on and off. You can crawl up the stairs with crazy amounts of speed, but have no idea how to get down them. You are getting really good at getting up and down off of the couch and it’s so cute how you lay on your belly and swing your legs around to get down. Sometimes you do a full circle before you realize you can get off with either leg first.


ahem, you have now turned 14 months old and I am, yet again, turning this into a 2 month post. I’m sorry, dude…I honestly have no excuse other than I have zero time anymore and I’m tired.

You are ALL OVER THE PLACE….I mean, you are fast and into one thing and then the next!

Today at daddy’s baseball game you were on the bleachers, under the bleachers, on the blanket, climbing into your stroller, behind a wall, in the dirt, in the woodchips, under the tree, at the trashcan. I don’t often get to sit down. You are still crawling like Mowgli from The Jungle Book and everyone laughs when they see you do it. You have taken 5-8 steps but are not at all interested in walking really. You only seem to take steps while up in the loft and for me, but have been standing up lately for 30+ seconds at a time.

You LOVE cousin Jack and yell “dak” when you see him. He holds you and you let him lug you all over the place.

You are slobbery and wet and gooey all of the time. You got 2 new teeth this month and your shirts are always wet and gross.

You pick up my cell phone and put it straight to your ear and say “Hey yo” and use your little pointer finger to try to change the screen. How do you know that? 🙂

You are left-handed and can throw the ball with an accuracy that is remarkable. You also have correct for while holding a bat and can even swing daddy’s wooden bat. You like to sit on your red plastic car outside and hit off of the tee. You are always screaming for a ball and will use any object you can get your hands on as a bat. At Reeve’s tee-ball practices, you were impossible to keep off of the field. You loved to get out there and try to sit on the bases. You also really enjoyed trying to crawl in and out of the soccer net too though…

You are getting better and better at going up stairs and we are working on going down. I think we make 20 trips a day up and down ours. It’s so cute how you get on your belly and spin in almost a full circle before you find your legs to put them down?

You still love baths, but mostly because you’ve found both your belly button and your penis and can play with both easier when you are wet.

You still love the horses and start screaming “HA HA’s” as soon as we come down the hill or go outside. You like to stand on the fence and think it’s the funniest thing ever when they sniff your feet. You also call dogs “ha ha’s” but we think that’s you saying Hannah and your word for all dogs then.

You like to try to eat with a fork or a spoon and will pick up your bites and put them on the utensil and then about 20% of the time actually hit your mouth.

You have become SUPER snuggly this month. I am obsessed with your snuggles. You give THE BEST hugs and even a little squeeze when you do so and your kisses have to be the best in the world b/c you actually make the smooching sound. Sometimes they are the wettest kisses possible (mixed with some snot) but I will even take those. You are pretty generous with them and always will kiss us when we ask or if we cry. You love to snuggle daddy too. I just love it when you crawl up on me and rest your head on my shoulder and I say “snugglessssss” and you sway side-to-side. This is definitely my favorite part about you being this age.

You also like to sit on my belly and jump/bounce as hard as you can and try to kill me. Or pinch my arm. Or the occasional bite. Maybe even try to rip my hair out too.

But it’s okay….

Reeve especially love this fun little game you play with him when he’s sitting on the couch and you stand up, then fall across his legs. Then you turn in the other direction and do it again. Back & Forth you flop over him and he laughs so hard he pees himself. One day you did it for over 2 minutes!

You are the silliest little goose with curls we can’t control of chlorinated yellow color and eyes as blue as the sky.

How could we even begin to tell you how much fun we have with you in our family? How we love your goofy, teeth smile? How sweet your bottom is up in the air when you sleep?

Lowe, I’m going to love you for a million years! Reeve too. Daddy especially.

I thank God each night for all 3 of my boys and give him a little extra *props* for the masterpiece of a toddler that is you!

Keep growing big and strong and healthy and kind and honest and good! I cannot wait to see who you are becoming!

Love, Mommy


13 Months

13 months
13 Months Lowe

13 months

Hair 14 Months

14 Months and your hair is GLORIOUS!Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 8.52.00 PM

14 months…and you look like a real little boy in this picture 😦



Favorite things to do: BALLS, cups/straws/lids to play with, look at and feed the horses, go on walks with Daddy and Reeve, climb up & down the stairs, EAT, pull things out of the cabinets, poop under the table, crawl in the teepee, sneak into Reeve’s room, open doors, steal food out of the pantry, feed Hannah. Crawling up onto the table behind the couch and sitting on top of it then proceeding to rip every cap off of every marker of Reeve’s.

Favorite things to eat: meat of any kind so far, watermelon this month but not blueberries like you did last month (you bite them and get the juice out and then spit them on the floor), ice cream, cookies (you say goo-ghee), crackers, french fries, popsicles at the pool

 Dislikes: You hate getting buckled in your carseat and I hate doing it. I either make daddy do it or try to bribe you with food. It’s so hard and you get so mad and stiffen up! You don’t like squeeze pouches anymore. Being told No.
Scary items: You are terrified of this vampire book Reeve has that you open and a vampire face opens up. Whitney’s new puppy, Teddy! He is little but bounces a lot and jumps on you and licks your face and has sharp teeth.
Cute item: Your little white/black spotted plastic horse from Target.
Hair color: Yellow from the sun and chlorine. Curly and long and could probably use a haircut, but those curls….
Eye color: Still bright blue!
Clothing size: 18-24 months
Diaper size: 5
Weight: 24
Height: tall? You never stand up so you still seem so little, and then you DO stand up and I’m like…he’s BIG!
Teeth: 8 (5 top, 3 bottom)




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