We can’t tell if you love baseball after 4 weeks of tee ball (or if you even like it…or understand it, for that matter)….but you look pretty darn cute doing it.

Here is your Official Baseball Card image for 2016.

You are such a lucky dude. Aunt Connie passed down all of Will’s old baseball clothes to you and you definitely looked the part. While the other small children showed up in shorts and t-shirts, you were decked out in baseball pants (sometimes 2 pair, one over the other because you couldn’t decide), socks, cleats, Under Armour shirts (sometimes 2 of those too), batting gloves, an Easton bag, left & right hand glove (can’t figure out which you throw with but definitely bat lefty) and a matching Erskine cap like daddy’s.

Your favorite part was obviously the costume. This comes as no surprise to me. You may have inherited a little Sorority ‘tude from me..I giggled at the start of each practice when you guys did your stretching. Sooo cute. None of you knew your left or right when asked to.

Lowe was a handful. He liked to crawl in the nets and eat the tiny pieces of rubber in the turf.

you look so much like daddy here I had to pause. My heart be still. I can’t wait (and hope) for you to love baseball like daddy does

It’s so interesting to see how well you listen to your teachers. You don’t listen to me!

This is your Concentration Pose….Kirk and I giggled over that too.

Let me just say that Kirk looked forward to these practices each week as much as you did. He really loved playing with you and it filled his heart so much and I loved watching the two of you play catch or how he would patiently try to explain things to you. 

I am not so patient. 

For instance, on Week 4 when you hit the ball you should know to DROP THE BAT AND RUN THE BASES…not to third…not to the pitcher’s mound…not with the bat….

I was never meant to teach small children.

Regardless, you have even started actually sitting and watching daddy’s games as a result. A kid came up to you to play and you said, “I’m just going to sit here and watch the game”


Four and a half years of daddy’s games and you’ve never shown the slightest bit of interest and FINALLY you are.

Now we just have to wait another 9 months before you can play again.


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