This age. One. Or “just shy of” in some of these. It’s my favorite.

Wrinkly armpits. Belly rolls. Cleavage. Wild hair. Drool and crumbs everywhere.

This age always is so much fun.

With Lowe, it’s more than fun…it’s edible. It’s dreamy and I take a hundred pictures of it everyday.

I swear, this kid just loves being outdoors…so why not just stick him in his high chair out on the porch and let him make his mess out there? Notice his shadow, Hannah, right there ready to catch any crumb that may fall…or that he just hands her.
IMG_9300 barbecuing with Daddy…you love crawling all over that patio and eating rocks.IMG_9291
at your first Royals game. You kept yelling “Bahhhhhhhh!” and were so good. Not sure why I put you in that quite tight Smedium shirt, but it was funny!IMG_9442This is your favorite spot. Under the table behind the chair in the family room. I’m sure it’s not quite safe to let you crawl all over with that metal, but …..ehhhIMG_9501 You loved going to Wathena and picked this flower for me with Papa Jim. When people ask me who he looks like, I think he definitely has some Grimes in him. Look at his eyes and my dads. It’s definitely where he gets his big head from.IMG_9668 It was so hot the week before his First Birthday that we went ahead and gave him his present. He wasn’t sure what to think about it at first.IMG_9685 He got to meet my friend, Jessica, and here he is giving her some kisses. His kisses are really head butts.IMG_9715This headband at my brother’s house was just too damn cute. I couldn’t take it off of him. He looks like a Harlem Globetrotter.IMG_9712 BLUE EYES!IMG_9724

This kid LOVES him some ice cream!IMG_9813 This was Day 2 at the pool. He only started liking it on about Day 10. IMG_9814 This was the face he made when we gave him cauliflower. I DIE!IMG_9869 Out in the garden while I water it.I had to trap him in that highchair so he didn’t eat all the dirt.IMG_9858 Awwwww….I was sitting in the backseat with him on the way home from daddy’s baseball game in KC and he was so tired! I was rubbing his cheek and he kept signing for Milky and just wanted me to hold him. This is his sad/mad face. That lip!IMG_0153 Sun’s out, buns out! That little booty. IMG_9908
He likes to find his reflection in this cabinet door and just stare and stare at it. Hannah too.IMG_9932Entering that “pull everything off of the shelves” stage.
IMG_9953 and on the day of his First Birthday party taking a long nap before the festivities. That ear…IMG_9996

There isn’t one bit of that kid that I couldn’t just eat. Yummy!


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