I’ve said this on here before, but I’ll say it again. I’ve never understood when people say “Never Grow Up.” Aside from the fact I know how incredibly lucky I am that my children ARE growing and ARE healthy, it just baffles me that we wouldn’t want our babies to grow and talk and learn and form their own opinions and ideas. I get that it’s *just a saying* but I don’t like it…

My “baby” is getting so big and, yes, it’s bittersweet…but it’s so much fun! And exhausting! I swear he’s a little sponge and just sucks up EVERYTHING I do/say and is a Mini-Me. Today I was getting so annoyed with him b/c he constantly needed me, wanted me, even told me he “just needed attention!” Of course, I gave him as much as I could while Lowe was napping (we made fresh watermelon slushes, painted, hosed off my car and ate lunch) but, it’s never enough for him. Then Kirk walked in and read the mail for about 8 minutes before I yelled, “Come see me…I need attention!”


Ohhhhhhhh……so that’s where he gets it.

This is Reeve begging for attention.

IMG_9367 This is Reeve *dressing for attention* Notice how the buttons are off and his pants are rolled.IMG_9379 Oh yea, he wore that outfit to the gym and even wore his bike helmet inside the gym! I let him because, well….it was awesome and I’m always telling him “Weird is COOL!”…so he ran with it. IMG_9384 Reeve finished his 2nd year of PreSchool and LOVES his teachers. He’s so happy to get to have them again next year. He chose THE sweetest gifts for them. Each one got bracelets he hand-picked and they were SPOT ON for them.IMG_9429His recent interest in science and all things Human Body are awesome. I’m not the most excellent mom at Teaching him things, but I’ve been pretty proud of some of the Science Experiments I’ve pulled together from household items like this shaving cream/rain cloud one.
IMG_9644One day I couldn’t find him anywhere in the house and was sweetly surprised to round the corner and find him on the porch swing reading a book. In his entire life, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to picture him as a grown man until that moment.
IMG_9744One thing we’ve really noticed with our move to The Ranch is how much he’s enjoyed his new responsibilities. Maybe it’s more that we tell him what we expect of him to do around here than we did in Colorado. He comes to us and asks us for chores. We let him blow the grass clippings off the walk and he was so happy to do so.
IMG_9745 In addition to the science experiments we’ve done, I’ve been printing off a lot of homework, sight words, letters to trace and scavenger hunts with pictures. He loves doing them.IMG_0129In this house, if you say you are “bored” you have to clean something. Here he is cleaning a chair…sometimes it’s the toilet and that’s not as fun.IMG_9922 On the weekends or mornings Kirk can work out with us, we’ve been going to the high school track and running laps or the stairs. Reeve likes to stretch with us and do lunges/squats/jumping jacks/push ups. IMG_9967 This bathrobe cracks me up. Below he looks like The Dude (big lebowski)IMG_9983 and, you know, even though he’s getting so big, he’s still just four. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. He’s still figuring stuff out. Pushing his limits. Seeing what he can get away with. The world is still so full of Unknowns for him. He’s crying in this picture because he just wants Lowe’s birthday party to start NOW (it was 4 hours away) and didn’t understand why I couldn’t just call everyone and tell them to hurry up.IMG_9994

I’m so happy he’s mine. He really is a good boy. A bit whiny and quite emotional, but so perfect in every other way.


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