One is close.

Wet mouth kisses where I fear each one is going to result in my lip being bitten off consume my day.

So do wet diapers and spilled food.

He reaches in my shirt a lot for “milky” and spits out what little he is able to suck up a straw

He hates the carseat and I make Daddy put him in it when he’s around. I honestly can’t bear to do it. His cry breaks my heart!

He’s all over the place and crawls fast and won’t tolerate weight on his feet when you try to get him to walk…he simply has zero interest.

I can’t imagine him being one and, yet, how is it possible we’ve ever not had him with us all along?img_9170


One thought on “Love.Lowe.Love

  1. Both of your boys are so Precious! I love reading about them, both. It is hard to believe that Lowe is about to turn 1, already!

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