11.Months (Lowe)

Dear Lowe,
I have spent the last 11 months of your life tracking on my iPhone all of the little things you do and this month it has been really hard to stop and do that. Mostly this month you’ve gotten really big you’ve gotten and we are really starting to see so much of your personality!

You are, without a doubt, so much more Independent (even at this age) than Reeve ever was. As I start this (and let’s face it, it will probably be a good week before I finish it) you are in the corner of the Family Room playing alone. Picking up toys and tossing them over your head, putting small pieces into the bucket, Bear Crawling, exploring…doing it all by yourself. The rest of us are on the couch watching you and laughing each time you stop to look at us and make a funny face or sound at us.

We think you are making car sounds and rolling your toys on the floor. We KNOW you are taking the clear bucket and putting it on your head like a hat to get us to laugh.

The tops of your feet are absolutely one large scab from dragging them on the cement and carpet as you crawl. Your shirt is covered in snot, boogers and drool and your fingernails are always caked in dirt and your hair is fuzzy and crazy on the right side (you must’ve slept on it). You roll the ball away from yourself to be able to chase it and LOVE going over to the furnace to stand up and turn the knobs and dials and let the cool air blow on your face. It’s 83 degrees outside and when I went to turn it off I noticed you had turned it to High Heat last night. Ooops!

You have been back & forth in front of us 10 times and not once expected us to get down there are play with you. That’s fine. We are kind of lazy and tired right now anyway.

Reeve had soccer which meant you sat on a blanket and got lots of attention for being cute and trying to get out on the field. Libby (the Girl Next Door) loves you and held you and walked with you. You, not wanting to be anywhere but in my arms, suspicously let her hold you, but kept an eye on me the whole time.

You are now standing against the couch trying to get my attention and are saying, “Mummma….Mummmma” desperately over and over. You just started saying it and it’s usually followed by your holding your arms up to be held or trying to rip into my shirt to nurse. When you start saying Mummmma over and over it kind of breaks my heart because you say it with such desperation and I usually give in and pick you up and nurse you.

I’m not sure if you are calling ME Mama or that’s your word for Milky. You have done the Sign for it once or twice, but you are always hungry so I just never know.

I don’t see Nursing ending anytime soon. It’s quite obvious that you cherish that time and whatever milk it is you are getting! I love to play with your long hair and laugh when your leg always shoots straight up in the air and you keep raising it until I acknowledge it and play with it. You are still up once a night to nurse too…STOP That….I know you can sleep all night.

You just crawled up to the couch and bit my leg!!! OUCH!

Back to nursing in the night…You pop up every time you are done with the HUGEST grin on your face and start snorting and smiling and laughing. You do this amazingly adorable thing where you scrunch your nose and close your eyes then maybe roll them and then tip your head back and forward then back again….we all just crack up. You love making us laugh.

Especially Reeve. Man, do you adore him. Every day when I go into your room and find you standing in your crib rocking and jumping to be picked up, I’m not quite sure it’s me that you want. I am fairly certain you want Buh Buh and it’s confirmed when you see him and start bouncing and laughing. He loves, loves, loves to make you laugh too! He will stop short of nothing to get you to smile and really often takes it too far. He’s not the most gentle with you and I feel like I tell him 100 times a day to dial it down or to stop squeezing you. He really just cant’ control himself.

You are my Tiny Dancer. I say “dance dance” and your belly rocks back & forth. You move from side to side bop and say “das das”….

You love any ball and still absolutely DESPISE getting buckled into your carseat.

You eat ANYTHING! Except bananas or avacados.

It’s like you have your own language. Part Gremlin, part doggy. You pant and growl and we honestly believe you are having a full on conversation with yourself and get so mad when we don’t understand you.

Now you are licking the cabinet…Crazy Baby!

You’ve traveled to Atlanta and spent time with Granny, Poppy (who you got to FINALLY meet), Uncle Rick & Aunt Kassie (who gave you some of THE best loving you’ve ever had….you fell asleep on her every time she held you) and your cousins, Kirk & Ryan.

You had a HUGE Month. I really do think this past month has been our most fun with you. Your brain and body are starting to do what you want them to do. Whether it’s the Bear Crawl or dancing or knowing “how big is Lowe” you are getting smarter and smarter!

Lord, know you are in your high chair snacking while I finish this and are blowing Zerberts on the tray. You are also barking and fake laughing at yourself.

As your First Birthday (and all the planning for the party) approaches, my mind is blown that you are almost ONE. It still feels like just yesterday my water broke in Women’s Active Wear at TJ Maxx. I can remember every detail of your labor & birth so clearly that it can’t possibly have been nearly 365 sleeps ago.

I look at you and my heart is so full. Being your Mama is so sweet. You aren’t the cuddliest baby, but have given me THE most lovin’ this month. I have said it every month of you (and Brother’s) life, but I just cannot wait to get to see who you become. Silly at this moment in time, but what will you grow to be?

One! Slow down. Time…argh!

Bittersweet it is to be a Mama. I want nothing more than for you to grow Big & Strong and Healthy…but I also just want to cling on to this gummy, big belly, silly, crazy hair, two bottom tooth grin stage so badly.

In one month, when I write this letter to you, I am sure I will be one big soppy, hormonal mess. Already I picture you on your birthday covered in cake working so hard to make all of us with cameras pointing at you laugh. I can see you now! My little Ham.

I love you, Lowe Chapel Lindan Mooneyham. I’ll always and forever love every second I am your Mama! Thank you for the biggest laughs in every day and the sweetest moments in every second I rock and nurse you to sleep. To the food you put on your head and say “hat” to make me laugh and the way your legs start kicking when you hear the bath water running. To spinning in circles on the carpet and scrunchy nose faces. Dance Dancing and crawling into the TeePee to hide or poop.

Here’s to Almost One and another month before I start to cry uncontrollably about how big you are!

Love Always & Forever and then forever after that,


Lowe 112 Lowe 118 Lowe 119 Lowe 1111

Lowe 1113

Favorite things to do: Taking a bath!!! My God, you love baths, being outside on the grass, walking over to see the horses and then trying to talk to them, riding in your red car outside, bouncing on the gravel road and saying ‘ahhhhhhhhh’, pulling all of the books off of your shelf, crawling into the TeePee to poop, waving bye-bye backwards any time I pick you up from the nursery at school, big and sloppy wet open-mouth kisses, copying Reeve, biting my legs

Favorite things to eat: ANYTHING!  hamburger, pork, french fries, chips, crackers, ice chips…there isn’t anything we haven’t given you. Oh, you like blueberries and strawberries and bites of PB&J

 Dislikes: you hate being buckled into your carseat more than anything. I hate it too. I make daddy do it when he’s home b/c it hurts my heart to see you arch and fight me.
Scary items: The only thing I’ve ever seen scare you was the toy horse on a stick upstairs. Reeve pinched it’s ears and it starting galloping and he put it’s head near yours and you freaked out!
Cute item: Any toy that brother hands you, the rubber ducky in the bathtub, the pink cup in the bathtub, any ball that you see, brother’s Legos are a favorite & a NO NO
Hair color: Blonde now that we are outside so much. Your hair got crazy again this month. Your sideburns are still long and cute, but the hair above gets poofy and you look like a clown. I think you have some curls in there and the back of your hair at your neck is so sweet
Eye color: Still bright blue! I often have strangers comment on your eyes and heard two college girls at a ballgame today whisper about your eyes too
Clothing size: 12-18 month
Diaper size: 4 (may need to move up a size soon)
Weight: uhhhhh…I’ll measure you
Height: 29.5″
Teeth: 6 (4 top, 2 bottom)…

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