this sweet face makes the best expressions. His hair helps each face look crazy! Those blue, blue eyes make each face (even the crazy ones) look adorable. Scrunchy nose and lots of personality.

Here he’s munching on a broccoli casserole bite. He takes tiny, small bites and never sticks the whole thing in his mouth like Reeve did. Let’s pray that means he has PATIENCE!That profile…his tiny nose and tiny (compared to Reeve’s) ears…Remember the movie Parenthood from the 90s with Steve Martin? The little crazy toddler with the bucket on his head who kept running into the wall on purpose to see how it felt? That’s Lowe….he was just sitting there banging the side of his head on the wall then laughing, looking at me to make sure I saw it then doing it again and again.YUM…him…not the corn. I want to eat him!!!!! Here he is holding and munching on his first ear of buttery, summer Sweet corn and I wanted to swallow him up whole.crawling through all the chalk drawings our sweet neighbor girl drew.this is his new face. He scrunches his nose and starts panting and giggling. My God, look at those curly sideburns. I’m going to pause time right here and keep him this little and with this face forever!!! Those teeth!!!!!!His TeePee is also his Potty! He likes to play PeekABoo or Hide & Seek with Reeve in there, but also take a big poo while he can.That’s it!!!! I can’t take it….I love letting him crawl around naked and don’t even care if he pees on the floor in Reeve’s closet.


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