While technically this isn’t his *first* game of Daddy’s, it’s his first where he’s old enough to be awake. Last year, he was either in my belly (remember when I got hit by the foul ball whilst 7 months pregnant) or less than 2 months old.

To say he loved it might be an understatement.

Typical Reeve wanted nothing to really do with it and was bored within 6 breadsticks (a snack I thought for sure would at least keep his belly full…I should’ve known better).

I think my favorite part of the whole experience may have been how Lowe wore his baseball hat and never once tried to take it off like Reeve did. I swear, sometimes just little things like that make me think this kid may be easy-going and not fight me over EVERY.SINGLE.THING like the other one does.

His hair is getting so long in back…and so stinking cute!

this boy. I am obsessed with the picture below. Seeing it I no longer see any resemblance between him and Reeve like I used to think I did.

Those cheeks. That pout. Those sideburns. That hat. His tiny little Nikes. See that breadstick in his hand? That boy is like a goat, he’ll eat anything! 

I absolutely could eat him up.


he kept saying “ball…ball” which sounds like “bah….bah” and reaching out there. He wanted out there so badly.Every time we would go over to the dugout he would just cling to the chain link fence and, at one point, climbed up it and was holding on with his feet in it!!!


He had such a blast being outside, exploring, we had soccer and wiffle balls. There were sunflower seed shells to pick up and he could scream and be as loud as he wanted.img_8925Meanwhile, Reeve was reading a Science book and a Batman book and NOT watching daddy play baseball whatsoever.img_8920

Daddy’s new team was really excited to have him there too. Originally, they didn’t “need another pitcher” because “they already had a good one” and Kirk wasn’t sure he even wanted to join if he wasn’t guaranteed to pitch….but by Game 3 he was starting and threw over 80 pitches Sunday and even hit a DOUBLE….

It was a great day!


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