I am and will always be so glad I am that person who whips my iPhone out all the time to take pictures. I will NEVER EVER regret capturing as many of these fleeting moments as I can.

Like this first picture, for instance. Lowe is a DOLL! That hair. His happy, bright eyes. Two bottom teeth. That ridiculous tank top we had to borrow on a hot sunny day from Whitney when he was sweating in his fleece pajamas. How we kept forgetting he could crawl and didn’t get too far off of this fuzzy blanket onto the pokey grass.IMG_8308 I probably have 100 pictures of Reeve’s face when he’s sleeping. I can’t help it. He’s getting so big and won’t look this way forever, yet…he will, you know? He’s got daddy’s exact nose (and ears) and it’s always all I can do not to kiss all over his cheeks when he’s asleep.IMG_8295 One weekend morning we made a fire in the pit out back and burnt the last of the moving boxes. Hannah loved it….IMG_8276 and two of Lowe sleeping….he’s in that Butt-in-the-air stage and wakes up HOT and with red cheeks.IMG_8270 I sleep just like this too, on my tummy with my arms tucked under me.IMG_8265

Just some afternoon outside. Reeve was using the tennis racket to pop bubbles I was blowing and Lowe was eating grass.IMG_8258 As awesome and fun as this looks, it was quite the Shit Show just an hour earlier when he did exactly what I specifically told him NOT TO DO and got paint all over the carpet. Although it’s Washable, I had to use about half a bottle of Tito’s Tequila in lieu of rubbing alcohol to remove it over the course of an hour.IMG_8243 Lowe’s belly after eating some of the chili I had made for dinner.IMG_8189
Reeve and his new BFF Addison
IMG_7921 That hat Reeve is wearing was his when he was Lowe’s age…now, Lowe wears it. Reeve wanted to see if it still fit. This was in the car as we were waiting for Kirk’s baseball tryouts to finish.IMG_7946 On the morning of Reeve’s 4th Birthday.IMG_7958 that bottom lip!!!IMG_8008

One of the few moments they played together nicely. Usually Reeve is trying to tackle or injure him.IMG_8040 I don’t remember why we took this picture, but it’s rare for my hair to look that good and Reeve’s hair is “Pumped up” as he calls it.IMG_8057 First soccer practice. He was SO excited and so proud. It was raining, cold and miserable and he just loved it. I cried…IMG_8071 Easter morning….IMG_8105 IMG_8118

Lowe loved him some bacon on Easter morning. IMG_8129 Reeve’s outfit is ridiculous, but what’s sweet is how badly Lowe just wants to be right next to him. He can pull up and stand now and loves to watch what brother is doing.IMG_8150 IMG_8175 Reeve inherited this cool new Lego table from his cousins and officially has the coolest room in the house.IMG_8180 Exploring our land with daddy.IMG_8190he looks HUGE in this picture. Fell asleep on the way back from KC and his first trip to Hallmark Kaleidoscope.IMG_8217 First day of school at his new school. Won’t look at the camera anymore.IMG_7402 I put a gnome under the tree out back. He still believes in little magical things like this.IMG_7760 Turns out, gnomes don’t like sprinkles b/c the ones we “fed” him are still out there weeks later. OOopsIMG_7764 Checking out the creek and enjoying a yummy Granny Smith appleIMG_7775 Porchin’  Poor Lowe is still in Christmas pajamas.IMG_7786 Daddy’s first day of baseballIMG_7938 Had to lock Hannah out of the sunroom when we ate b/c Lowe kept giving her his food. He was really upset and kept trying to reach through the glass to her.IMG_7948 First meal in our formal dining room. IMG_8020 He’s kind of a doofus….IMG_8089 He wouldn’t take this jacket his cousin left on Easter off for days!!!IMG_8143
Stinkers…I can’t wait until Lowe is old enough that they can really enjoy each other and see how lucky they are.

IMG_7853Snuggles from this one are VERY rare….I had to get proof with a picture as he rested his head on my shoulder.IMG_7893Feeding the dog AGAIN!!!IMG_7909


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