I really do think this age is my favorite. Drool and belly rolls and wobbly attempts at sitting up. Learning how to wave and blow bubbles. Eyes that light up when certain people walk in the room. Making growling sounds and rolling everywhere.

The other day I remembered I need to do a quick 7 Month Photo Shoot and about 8 minutes before Reeve woke up from his nap. I undressed my gooey, wet baby and stuck him on the rocker, opened the curtains and started snapping.

These pictures PERFECTLY describe Lowe.


that first one, on the left, makes me absolutely want to go wake him up from his nap and just start tickling and snuggling him.

He really is the funniest, goofiest baby. Stubborn though…whew boy! Both my boys have tempers and want want they want when they want it.

Can you see his crazy hair in the pics? Pigpen.

As Kirk and I looked at the pictures that night, we just laughed and laughed at each one b/c they are just SO Lowe. That’s what I love about photography and random photo shoots…they really do capture exactly who a person is.


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