We had a great Christmas, and being that it was our last in this house, somewhat chaotic.

Boxes packed with stuff are everywhere and it was hard to tell the trash from the new stuff.

We spent Christmas Eve bowling and just laughing so hard. Reeve’s ball took fooooorrrrreeeeeeevvvvvverrrrrr to roll down the lane and he just loved it. I told him that you had to dance as the ball was rolling and he honestly believed me. He danced and is quite good at Salsa Dancing apparently. Lowe didn’t think too much of it, but liked all of the loud noises I think.

I love this action shot…Reeve is wearing pants that I swear fit him the day before and are now High Waters. The kid is growing like a weed!

It’s a tradition in our house that on Christmas Eve you get new pajamas and a Christmas book. This year Reeve got Snoopy Pajamas (which he was really excited about) and Lowe got Santa’s Little Helper jammies with what Reeve called a Pants Hat (b/c it looks like pants). Their book was Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Before bed, Reeve took it upon himself to lie on top of me….he has no idea of personal space. This is pretty much what he does when he crawls in my bed at 4am each night too.  My little Elf….this hat is ridiculous and he’s so damn cute!

Look at that fuzz on top of his head. Daddy won’t let me cut it. He thinks it’s cute?  Daddy and I set up all the toys. We had assembled the bigger stuff the two nights prior. The teepee is for Lowe and Reeve was so excited when he woke up and saw the Lego Table and Mini Figures on it that he didn’t even notice the other gifts until about 20 minutes later.
  I love how comfortable and sweet Lowe looks. Chances are he was awake an hour later..and then another 2 hours after that. HORRIBLE sleeper! I was afraid he would wake up crying in the night and Reeve would wake up and go downstairs and see all of the toys!
Lowe woke up at about 5am and I played in his room with him until 7 when Daddy & Reeve woke up. The only reason Reeve slept in that late was b/c he has been coming into our bed at about 4 am each night. We can’t seem to break him….  Lowe loved his BeatBo that Granny & Poppy sent him.

Oh, Lowe woke up on Christmas morning with his FIRST tooth!!!!
Lowe spent the morning in his Exersaucer (we call it his spaceship) while we opened gifts.  I tried to make Reeve this cute Pinterest Waffle Christmas Tree…it looks burnt while the one online looked perfect. Reeve took two bites anyway. Who can be bothered to eat when there are toys to play with?
Lowe liked these mini Moscow Mule Mugs that daddy got….he gnawed on it all morning with his new tooth  I got Daddy a pair of Carhartt overalls as a joke. He’s going to need those on the Ranch!
Reeve playing with his toys! As you can see out the window, it snowed on Christmas morning!  Daddy and I drank! We aren’t really mimosa people, but we were that morning! Finished a whole bottle of champagne.
Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lowe still can’t do the dang sippy cup. He spent the whole morning biting the nipple with his new tooth
My present from Daddy. I love this so much and it will be gorgeous in our new home!  Reeve made this Gingerbread House over a month ago and he’s been waiting to eat the candy ever since. He ate two pieces that were as hard as could be and told me I could throw it in the trash.
Building MORE Legos with Daddy!  Oh Look…more Legos! This is the Expert VW set I bought Kirk. He never really liked Legos, but has really started to now that Reeve does. By the end of Christmas night he had put together more Legos than he had in his whole life.

That’s it…I’m still tired!


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