Christmas has been a little *off* this year. It just hasn’t felt like The Season. Maybe it’s the weather…maybe it’s all the other stuff in life.

Last night FINALLY felt like Christmas b/c of Reeve’s School Program.

I just want to say, my sweet sweet boy. He was amazing! For over a week we’ve been practicing Rudolph and starting with “you know Dasher and Dancer….” then letting him sing the rest at the top of his lungs. In the car. At the table. In bed. Well, wouldn’t you know that isn’t even one of the songs they sang? Ha ha..that stinker.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the program. At his Thanksgiving assembly, Reeve just stood up there with his class picking his nose, wiggling, NOT SINGING!  I was expecting a lot of the same for this program and thought by practicing with him it would help.

Daddy, Lowe and I took our seats and watched as all the Preschoolers walked in ringing bells. So cute…all those tiny little people in their dress clothes. You spotted me and waved so big! I found my spot up front where I could video you and then listened to you yell in front of the whole congregation, “MISS KAREN, JESSE IS PICKING HIS NOSE!!!!”

All the parents started laughing, but you were not having Jesse picking his nose.

The piano started and for 4:53 seconds you sang, did the movements, danced…you were AWESOME!

You are so much like your daddy in so many ways. You are cautious and don’t like that sort of attention, people watching you do a performance…but on that stage, you were your mother’s child.

You sang each verse one line ahead of the others. You watched all of the other kids and spent the whole performance yelling “I Love You” at me and yelling “Daddy clap for me” at Daddy.

I had tears in my eyes the whole time, daddy did too!

I just couldn’t have been more proud of you!  You rarely look like a toddler to me, you are the size of a 5 or 6 year old and it was so sweet to see you look so little up there on stage! I have watched the video of it at least 5 times. 
We let you wear your new Batman vest…you loved it!  your hair….it was glowing with you under the spotlight. My little “angel” ahem
Earlier that day at your classroom party, you were so happy to be wrapped in toilet paper and get to be a snowman.

Hanging with your buddies eating Ice Cream Sundaes

  Making your Tree Ornament….your hair! I swear, it’s crazy lately and getting curly. That part in the back has a mind of it’s own.
I adore you, Reeve Denver. Thank you for making mommy and daddy laugh and smile and making Christmas in our family just so special.


One thought on “My.Sweet.Little.Singer

  1. I went to school with Kirk from kindergarten all the way to high school. Ask Kirk if he remembers singing Elvira in front of the entire elementary school when he was in the third grade. It was Kirk his brother Ricky, Erica Vinson and myself. …he was sooooooooo shy lol but he did it!
    -Dollie Pollock Grigg

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