We drove to Kansas for Thanksgiving and I’m so glad we did….

Reeve was such a big boy and Kirk and I giggled as he threw on his backpack and walked up to her new front door to *surprise* her   Once inside, I didn’t have to hold Lowe for 3 days or so b/c Don Linny held him and played with him the whole time
  Look at that drool running down his belly…he’s a slobber puss
He sleeps in the Pack N Play in Don Linny’s closet….it’s perfect!  Wrestling Elmo  Practicing sitting
  Stinker…my VERY non-snuggly baby gave Don Linny all his snuggles and even fell asleep a few times for her
  We think Lowe looks like Uncle Ryan….they both have BIG heads  YUM….eating Thanksgiving goodies like sweet potatos, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie
    we had a great trip….

and survived the ice storm that followed us back to Denver making an 8 hour road trip into an 11-hour one.


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