Teddy & Popsicle

After a treacherous 11 hour drive back from Kansas in the ice, sleet, rain and snow, we immediately walked in the door and got the boys ready for Bedtime.

But Lo and Behold….we left a very important family member behind.


About 6 months ago, Reeve was invited to a birthday party at Build A Bear where he chose a Darth Vader (they didn’t have Batman costumes at the time) bear. And he fell in love. There is no other way to put it. He let the bear wear the costume for a day or two and then, once removed, he realized how soft and cuddly Teddy was. And Teddy became his Comfort Item.

What’s strange about this is that he hadn’t had a “Comfort Item” thus far. For 3 years of his life I guess I was that to him….but this bear. Well, Teddy does something for him that I can’t, or WON’T, do. Teddy sleeps with him at night!

So, when we realized Teddy was back in the basement at my brother’s house we knew we quickly needed to come up with An Adventure For Teddy.

Teddy flew to the North Pole to go pick up Reeve’s Elf on the Shelf, Popsicle. GENIUS!

Except…Reeve wasn’t buying it.

“Teddy isn’t real, Mom” and “Popsicle is just a doll.”

After much convincing we somehow managed to get Reeve to fall asleep with a teddy bear of Lowe’s that felt similar. It wasn’t easy. He cried and kept saying, “It’s dark outside, Teddy will be scared…the creatures will eat him.” He was so afraid for him. It broke my heart!

The next morning Reeve wanted to know where Teddy was first thing. We told him he was still at the North Pole and that he would be back when Santa was done with him. He seemed okay with that.

That next afternoon we decided to go see The Good Dinosaur. In the car Reeve said, “Mommy, Teddy doesn’t even know where we live.”

Quick thinker that I am explained how Teddy, like Hannah, has a chip in her neck with our address on it that can be scanned if he ever gets lost, but it wasn’t something he needed to worry about b/c Teddy knows our address. Reeve said, “Teddy’s chip is in his heart that I kissed, Mommy.”


Whew….another bullet dodged.

And then the movie starts. It was the saddest movie for kids I’ve ever seen. The daddy dinosaur gets swept away in a flood and Reeve was crying and shaking and asking if I was ever going to die. We finally calmed him down from daddy dino dying when baby dinosaur gets swept away in a flood too!

What the hell, Disney?!?!

More crying. More shaking. Reeve wants to leave. “This is the worst movie ever, Mom!”

Then, with big tears in his eyes, he looks at me and says, “Does my heart have a chip in it, Mommy, if I ever get lost?”

Kirk looked at me and our mouths agape we snuggled him and explained how it’s okay to feel sad and scared and that’s what makes movies good.

I’m really proud of Reeve. He’s pretty dang smart, but I was so happy to see the empathy and to witness him connecting the dots about loss and family.

It’s a lot for a little mind to have to take in and I’m glad we haven’t had to deal with death in our family. Reeve is a sweet, sweet boy who is ready for Teddy to come home!

Thankfully Aunt Connie popped him in the mail and he was only gone for 4 nights.

I planned an elaborate arrival (not really…but pretty good considering Lowe won’t let me put him down these days).

I pretended the doorbell rang and this was waiting for him.


He was mildly excited to say the least. The Lego Christmas Tree was more exciting to him than anything. Go figure…

Anyway, Teddy is back and Popsicle is in his *spot* (our Elf is too lazy to move every night) and the Lego tree is up (the actual Christmas tree is lazy too) and we are good to go. Everyone is home and safe and right where they should be.


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