6 Months (Lowe)

To my happiest, smiley-est, goofiest SIX month Old….

Congratulations on being on this earth, on the OUTSIDE anyway, for half of a year. We’ve made it!!!!

How is it possible that you have been with us this long? How is it possible you haven’t been with us forever?

You are the BEST baby! One big gooey, wet smile constantly poking your tongue out and batting your curled eyelashes at anyone who looks your way. I always thought when anyone asked “is he a good baby” that ALL babies are “good,” but you are BETTER than good. You are GREAT! You only fuss when hungry or when you can’t roll back over, not even a poopy diaper will make you cry. You are happy and joyous and already have a personality that is just FUN! We really lucked out with both of our boys, but you are the icing on the cake!

This past month was pretty busy for our family. We made 2 road trips to Kansas and have some pretty exciting stuff coming up in life. You were a great little traveller and made a lot of people in Kansas smile. With a few new *tricks* in your bag, you are officially able to roll over and are eating anything we give you.

Your sleeping (or lack of) still leaves MUCH to be desired, but I’m hoping that you will stop waking up 4-6 (yes, FOUR TO SIX) times a night once you really master the rolling thing. The first few weeks of last month were pretty unbearable for me. Worse than when you were a newborn, you woke up every 1-2 hours for 3 weeks straight. I chalked it up to teething or some developmental milestone and, in fact, was happy to remember that you needed to learn how to roll over. Once you were able to roll from back-to-belly, we stopped swaddling you and put you in a sleepsack. Whew…those first few nights were rough. You would wake yourself up once you rolled over frantic!!!! I don’t blame you, that’s got to be kind of scary to spend the first 5 months of your life on your back and then suddenly you are on your tummy and have no idea how to get back onto your back. I would wake up and roll you back over and proceed to listen to you cry/scream for 20-50 minutes before finally just nursing you back to sleep. OUCH!!!

After about 2 weeks of rolling onto your tummy, you figured out how to roll back onto your back. It’s quite funny to watch actually. Your head is SO big that you kind of toss your head back and then let the momentum take your body with it!  That’s the Grimes head for you!

You are still not 100% efficient at rolling in that direction and are trying to make sense of why you can suddenly roam your crib and find yourself wedged into the corners. You are sleeping better though. You go down around 7:30 on your stomach now and wake up around 10:30 and then between 2-4 and are up for the day around 6:30!  It’s still a lot and you *should* be sleeping through the night, but you are a Breastfed Mama’s Boy who really just probably wants to make sure you are safe and who needs a little milk to feel that way.

Despite being so tired I can barely function, I do know this will pass and I will someday miss it. At 2 am when you wake up and clutch my shirt I just know that you are thinking “she’s here…I’m safe….all I want is her” and I forget the bags under my eyes and quit tallying how many hours I’ve actually slept.



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