I’ve never needed a reminder that I’m so grateful for healthy, growing, beautiful boys…NEVER…but should I need one, I will just look at these two pictures and say a little prayer of Thanks.

Lowe was up all night (6 times) and I am dragging today. Possibly I slept a total of 3 hours, but I see this face, those lips, eyelashes that curl, brows so thick and I don’t care. How could I?

Reeve was up all night too. How could he sleep when he is wakened every hour or so by Lowe screaming? He snuck into bed with me (I honestly didn’t know he had done so until I woke up) and it’s a big NO NO in this house, but how could I be mad at that face either?  

They won’t be little like this for long and they won’t need me they way they do now and so it’s fine.

It’s just fine


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