There are no words for how much I look forward to fostering the love that is growing between these two.

Lowe ADORES Reeve. He’s got a silly, goofy littler personality already and smiles all the time, but when he spots his brother his whole face lights up. He turns his head to wherever Reeve’s voice is and just smiles in awe.

When I laid Lowe down on our bed and Reeve laid beside him, I anticipated Reeve would grab his arm a little too rough or pinch him or get annoyed if Lowe grabbed his hair. Instead, they rolled towards each other and just started smiling.

I cannot believe I had my camera in-hand and was able to capture it.

I think this picture perfectly describes what brothers should be to each other.

I love how Lowe’s hand is in his teething mouth and then the other is in Reeve’s as if to say, “you’re mine, right? Let me touch you, I love you so.”

And those ears…the lobes. Both boys have their Daddy’s ears.

I am a lucky mama, that’s for sure. These boys have my whole heart and I thank God daily that I was able to give them to each other.


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