Five.Months (Lowe)

Dear Sweet Little Lowe,

this month has without a doubt been the fastest month of my life. It seems that the day-to-day stuff has blindsided me and here you are nearing a whole half of a year on this Earth. I swear I was just pregnant yesterday. Weren’t you just hiccuping inside of me and didn’t we just decide your name?

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I didn’t even realize tomorrow (I’m starting this a whole day early) was the 6th of the month let alone a whole NEW month! Mommy Brain is a real thing. I suffer from that and Sleep Deprivation…more on that later.

We had a lot of first this month, but what sticks out most in my mind this month is eating and grabbing.

I have definitely approached eating with you completely differently than I did your brother. I made everything he ate and followed “what to eat in what order” with him and now all the kid will eat is cheese and bread. With you, I am just giving you whatever I am eating or whatever you can hold onto as well as store bought Organic jarred food. Being #2 is rough, kid….

You’ve had red and green pepper slices, raw carrots, celery, french fries, bananas, crusty bread, pizza crust and rice crackers. You will eat anything at this point. The first few times you ended up with baby food all over the place and I could only dip the spoon in the food, but after a month of eating you are a bona fide Foodie now and open your mouth and dive towards each bite. It can still get quite messy as you nurse on most foods thinking it’s a nipple, but you are down for whatever we give you. And I must admit, I like this approach a whole lot better. Mama ain’t got time to be pureeing peas and carrots.

You still LOVE to breastfeed. I mean, you could find yourself doing it all day whether you are hungry or not. I love it too, I just know that you love it so much you aren’t really sleeping b/c you want to do it so badly.

You are at this great age though where when you are nursing, you reach for my face and just feel it. Your hand lands on my cheek or my nose and you are perfectly content as long as you are touching me. Often your hand lands on my jacket or shirt and you keep trying and trying until you get skin. My skin just soothes you. If you are screaming or crying, I just have to lift you up and put your cheek on mine to make it stop.

I’m assuming that b/c of eating, your hands have figured out their purpose. I can see you spot something, focus and your hands wobble and miss, but always eventually hit their mark. You don’t quite have the Pincer Reflex to grab things with your finger and thumb, but hold everything with your fist mashing it before it can actually make it into your mouth. Last night at your FIRST KU BASKETBALL GAME, you held onto the Player Program with such focus and determination that you kept it in your hands for a good 20 minutes. Did Mama mention I’m even okay with you eating paper too? Ha!

The other thing you are quite good at grabbing is your toes. FINALLY! I just love a chunky baby who finds their toes. I am not kidding when I tell you that I easily have 200 blurry photos of you doing this. Man, when I see you grab them I just start to melt inside.

Your smile is as gummy as ever and you are back to combining The World’s Best Smile with the cutest little tongue poking out. I swear you will be the Class Clown. When someone acknowledges you, the tongue pokes out and the eyes light up and it’s instant Baby Talk.

The best and biggest smiles, however, are only for me. When I walk into a room if Daddy is holding you, your legs start kicking and you just get this huge ear-to-ear grin. The smile for Reeve is a close second, you do adore him as well.

Your eyes are still bright blue and round. Your cheeks soft and warm. Your head big as can be. In fact, when Uncle Hank met you for the first time on a visit he said, “dang, that kid has a big ass head.” You do have a neck somewhere although I really only see it during baths when I’m scouring for lint and food that’s nestled in there.

As far as baths, you somehow only managed to get about 5 this month? Ooops! Again, Kid #2 sure does get a dirty deal. Look, I consider my day a success if I get a bath, you getting one is icing on the cake. It’s not like you sweat or anything. I guess, however, considering that you are usually covered in pureed peas or sweet potatoes I should probably attempt to make this a more regular activity. Maybe if I set it up in the calendar on my iPhone it will happen? Eh…probably not. That’s what wipes are for after all.

Let’s talk about sleep for a second. Your naps are fine. I am still perfectly happy with a mid-morning Catnap around 10 and then a 3 hour afternoon nap and another Catnap before bed. That’s great! What I’m not happy about is waking up at 1am and 4 am and 6am. I know you are hungry little piggy, but this has to stop! I’m exhausted!

Sometimes you trick me and will have a night where you will sleep 9 hours and I think “finally!!!!!” and you are back to your old bag of tricks. Let’s start sleeping, dude! It will make everyone’s lives a whole lot easier. Well, except daddy. He snores all night and is clearly getting plenty of sleep!

I wonder if your sleep will improve once you are able to roll over and sleep on your belly? For now, your head is just too damn big for you to roll all the way over. You definitely want to and will roll as far as you can, but you can’t figure out how to get that head to move.

You get so mad when you see something we’ve placed behind your head to try to get you to roll and you can’t do it. You would rather spin your body in a circle to get it if you could.

You still don’t love Tummy Time but are getting better at it. Your neck is strong enough to hold you up for awhile, but I’m wondering if the gas  bothers you b/c you are constantly farting the whole time you are on your belly.

We have practiced sitting in the Bumbo, but you always end up tilting to one side. You do sit in the highchair with no issues, so I anticipate that you will build your core muscles and be sitting up in another 6 weeks or so.

In addition to your big head, your body is still full of some chunk and we consider you “doughy” rather than “fat.” Your thighs are just perfect to smooch on and your belly is a constant source of pleasure for me. Armpit smooches still make you smile, but so does tickling your side and pretending to eat your legs and toes.

In general, you are the happiest baby I’ve known. You will let anyone hold you and we are often stopped by strangers who want to comment on what a great baby you are. We agree! You are full of smiles and love poking your tongue out at anyone who acknowledges you. You like to copy daddy and blow bubbles at him.

Your hair is filling in and I swear overnight it just looks like you have a full head of hair again. The two pieces on each side that are your long, original baby hair are still there and my brother says you look like the Mayor of Munchkin Land. You have some long random hair here and there, but for the most part, we’ve gotten rid of your Cradle Cap and you have a lovely head of hair. It’s light brown and there is still something about your hairline, eyebrows and the shape of your eyes that really make you look a lot like Uncle Ryan.

What I think is so funny is how much you resemble my brother. I don’t know if it’s the giant head or that your eyes are the same shape or the face you make when you poop, but sometimes I look at you and think, “Holy Shit, you look like Ryan” and it really freaks me out. Even he agrees. Kirk, however, claims not to see it, but I think he doesn’t want to admit his son looks like his brother-in-law.

You talk all of the time! We think you are totally saying something and you know what it is, but only you! It’s complete jabber and nonsense and oh-s0-cute! You still growl at us and get the most serious look on your face once you really start talking. Reeve likes to pretend that you are talking to him and that he knows what you are saying.

Let’s talk about Brother for a second. Often, he completely ignores you and has nothing to do with you and then will spot you and his voice will get really high and he’s start baby talking to you. I stop whatever I am doing and listen and start dreaming of the day you two can actually play and talk to each other. He wants nothing more than to share a bedroom and a bunkbed with you!

I love watching the relationship between the two of you evolve. He is really so sweet with you. Of course, sometimes he grabs onto your arms or legs a little too hard or gets in your face more than I’d like, but he does it all just to be as close to you as possible. You are always looking for him. Turning your head trying to see where he went. He sings “Brother Bear, Brother Bear” to you and thinks when you gum on his cheek, or pull on his hair is the best. Not once has he ever lashed out at you or tried to retaliate, he must know you are just learning to play with him.

You had a lot of firsts this month too. You attended your first wedding in Keystone and flirted with anyone who came near you. You went to the zoo for a birthday party and 2 movies (Hotel Transylvania 2 and Peanuts). You had your first Road Trip to Kansas and spent Halloween in Wathena with Don Linny. You were Robin and a Baby Bat. You didn’t really think too much of Halloween, but I have about a million pictures of you smiling, so maybe you enjoyed it?

You are just growing so fast. Your chunky legs and round belly remind me daily how lucky I am of this. Though it’s bittersweet, having my boys grow big and strong is a blessing I never take for granted.

We love watching your personality show and cannot wait to get to know you more and more. We never doubt that you will continue to make us laugh and smile and we thank God for you every day. We never will know what we did to deserve the two best little boys there are, but we are Grateful.

A million kisses on your neck and it’s still never enough. I just can’t get enough of you and am already missing the days when you are this small and I just carry you around in my arms as though you are part of my own body still.

All I know, Lowe, is that of all the things my hands have held before, you my sweet boy, are my favorite!

Love you forever,

Lowe 5-12

my favorite, favorite, favorite face you make….and look at those crazy hairs on top of your head
Lowe 5-20
Lowe 5-10

Favorite things to do: eat, kisses from mommy, look for Reeve, gnaw on your toys, get attention, stick your tongue out

Favorite things to eat: anything so far, hard bread, my fingers, your bib, Sophie the Giraffe
Dislikes: Getting into your carseat and not getting another bite of food when you want it, fast enough
Scary items: Nothing
Cute item: soft brown blankie, Sophie Giraffe and Taggie Blanket, colored rings.
Hair color: Light Brown with new hair growing in daily. You nearly have a full head of hair and one could not say you are bald at all
Eye color: Still bright blue!
Clothing size: 6 month Plus
Diaper size: 3
Weight: 15 pounds 7 ounces. Your brother at this age was 13.125 pounds…CHUNKER!
Height: 26″



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