This year we were able to spend Halloween in Wathena with my parents. It’s pretty much any grandparents dream come true to get to spend holidays with their grandbabies.

I loved the idea of a Halloween where we weren’t getting trampled by the HOARDS of kids in our neighborhood nor were we being harrassed by parents walking around drunk. Last year a guy dropped a beer bottle in our driveway right in front of us and just walked away….RUDE!

My mom has made each grandson their first Halloween costume and for Lowe she was easily able to make him a Baby Bat costume that worked perfectly with Reeve’s Batman (again….)

If I must say so myself, he’s pretty much the cutest damn baby bat you will ever see.  
The costume could not have been a better fit for his flailing arms…they are still everywhere!

Reeve can’t quite hold Lowe without getting distracted and letting his head drop so Daddy’s hand is in every picture!
  Reeve just loves Halloween and was as excited about every pumpkin he saw all season from the tiniest to the biggest. He DID NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES like the Halloween Store though after one particularly scary visit and has since declared that Christmas is his favorite holiday. Ha ha!

  He does such a great job getting into character and spent the whole day talking in a deep voice like Batmans
I was a Catwoman/Batman something or other. I basically wore all black and was excited to not have to wear makeup b/c of the mask  
 My favorite part of the whole night was Lowe’s tiny pumpkin candy basket my mom found that he clutched tightly and gnawed on. Oh, and I also loved how Reeve wanted Don Linny to walk up to every door with him and how excited he was to run from house to house….

We had a great time and are excited now for Christmas!


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