What could be better than Brothers? i just cant stop obsessing about the relationship building between these two.

Lowe has no choice but to love Batman and when I found this cute hat (for his “big ass head” in a size 3T I snagged it right up. Reeve loves it when he wears it. 
You can’t see Lowe in this picture b/c I am wearing him in the Bjorn and dying of heat stroke and complaining about how my back is aching, but he went on this gorgeous little hike with us and Reeve had so much fun stopping to show him things.

  There is that tongue again. It’s always poking out.
Reeve loves to lie down next to Lowe and get a little too close and a little too much in his space. I’m tired of telling him to “back off” so I just let him do what he wants (to an extent) and it seems to work better for everyone.  This gross wig from Kirk’s old Scooby Doo costume has been laying on the floor since we dug out the Halloween decorations. Kirk put it on once and Reeve and I were begging him to throw it away, but then one day Reeve randomly picked it up and ran off with it. When he came back it was on his head and my desire to have a little girl who looks like these two boys grew even larger.

I about peed my pants laughing so hard….


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