You actually smiled in the bathtub last night. Until that smile, I wasn’t quite sure if you were happy, sad, mad, cold…nothing. Giving you baths has been one big giant Unknown….you just simply seemed to tolerate them.

I, however, love NOTHING IN THIS WORLD more than a wet, slippery, clean baby. I love warming up the lotion before I rub it on your chunky legs. I love making your hair wild before bed. I love buttoning you into your brother’s pajamas. I love everything about Bath Time.

But this was the face you gave me.

This picture is a good example of how crazy your hair is….each side of your head has a cluster of long locks and crazy, long course hairs from when you were born that randomly pop up.
I am also slightly obsessed with watching you on the monitor as you try to fall asleep. This particular night you slept an 8 hour stretch and managed to get your hand out of the Double Swaddle…I woke up to you waving at me. Sweet, Sweet Lowe….sleep is better for you these days and I think it has something to do with the fact that I just don’t care anymore. I also go to bed each night expecting to be up all night and then you sweetly surprise me.

Keep up the good work, Child.


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