Silly, Little Boy….here you are in your brother’s Polo he also wore in his 4 month pics

and, no, his hair is not red, it’s the reflection off our red door and the color I added to the image to give it some saturation.

4 month L-17 Look at that one long cluster of hair hanging off over his ear…I just think it is so funny how baby’s lose their hair.4 month L-18 He loves his finger….and pretty much anything he can put in his mouth right now. All of his shirts are covered in drool…he wears a bib all day, every day4 month L-19 Those eyebrows…he looks like Jack Nicholson here4 month L-20 4 month L-21 It’s so sweet how he hold his hands, once he’s got them clasped his arms can finally relax4 month L-22 I think he might be starting to teeth. He sucks on his bottom lip like this a lot4 month L-23 Look!

It’s the same cluster of long, original baby hairs he has on the other side….4 month L-24 Those big, blue eyes slay me. I could pretty  much eat this kid up I love him so4 month L-26


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