Lowe is not so sure about any Tummy Time and has zero interest at almost 5 months in rolling over. He is perfectly content to lie on his back and just follow sounds without making any effort to be near them.

I always think Lowe looks so much like Reeve.
We have a giant print of Reeve outside our bedroom and in the pics below Lowe really really resembles his brother. 4 month L-3 The most noticeably different features are that Lowe is more, well, round.
His eyes are round and his head is round.

4 month L-9 4 month L-10 Sometimes I look at Lowe and see so much of my brother that it freaks me out. 4 month L-11 Slobber Puss here is wet from chin to toes all day. He’s just one big goo ball. 4 month L-12 4 month L-13 And he still has about 14 of his original baby hairs that are always sticking out everywhere. 4 month L-15 4 month L-16


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