I can’t stop taking pictures of these two

and I don’t even care that my iPhone 6 is slow as hell b/c there are over 2,000 pictures on it

Below, Lowe is with us on our Date Night to Yia Yia’s. He has skipped sweet potatoes and straight to duck polenta

  I know the picture is blurry, but I always want to remember how Reeve was so proud of her “Scerf” he created  This hat was $1.00 and makes him look like a Swedish Milk Maid
  He rarely just rests…this time it was with his cheek against mine  After Reeve said “take our picture, mama” he said, “we kinda look alike”
Telling Lowe more secrets about how to be a Big Boy.     He did it again….look at those eyes of his. His new hair is really starting to come in although you still can’t tell that from this picture
  I get such a kick out of turning around at a stoplight and seeing this…  working on learning how to roll over, but has ZERO interest in doing so


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