Reeve is CONSTANT MOTION…i thank the Lord daily he still naps. I don’t know what I will do when he stops. I’m not sure which is more exhausting, being up 4 times a night with a baby or arguing about EVERYTHING with a 3-year-old….

Mama is tired.

Reeve was sleeping on my bed the other day and I was just staring at him like I used to do when he was a baby and like I rarely get to do with Lowe. It’s much easier to stare at the first one, the poor second one….

anyway, both of my boys have GORGEOUS, thick and black eyelashes.

And eyebrows that are going to always melt me. 

 I have a lot of moments during the day where I literally just want to sit down wherever I am and fall asleep I’m so tired. A lot of the time I find myself arguing with Reeve and punishing him, but at the dentist recently, I found myself just constantly laughing to myself at him. He loved it. He was so proud and excited to do everything they asked of him.

He had these headphones on so he could hear the cartoon they were playing and didn’t realize he was YELLING to answer every question the tech asked him. It was hilarious and the teenager in the room next to us having her braces cleaned was laughing hysterically too.

  And is this normal? To take all the ale go heads and line them up and declare they’ve all been beheaded?  BOYS!!

He sure does love his Baby Lowe Lowe though. His snuggles are a little rough, but this morning daddy and I watched him sing to Lowe to try to calm him down and we just hugged each other in the background. Part of me loved Reeve so much in that moment and part of me was relieved to see empathy and worry that much less that he is a psychopath. 
Neighborhood Movie Night with his BFFFFF, Deklan. This little stinker got to stay up so late past his bedtime that when he got tired he just walked himself home across the street in the pitch dark without telling us. We about shit ourselves with the What Ifs….  Don’t let this sweet face fool you. He knows when to give you his best smile to work his way out of trouble. he Was so proud of his new soccer cleats. He wanted to wear them all afternoon, but had absolute zero interest in kicking the soccer ball around. Go figure!

Damn held Naughty….but still just a Big Baby


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