On any given day in the Mooneyham home, you will find Superheroes present themselves in no less than 20 different way.

Some days, I quickly run into the bathroom to potty as fast as I can and return to this….the baby wearing a mask. 
Some days, the diaper changing pad is strapped onto the toddler’s back and is a “Jet Pack.”Some days, I am forced to wear a mask that is tight and gives me a headache.

Some days, Batman joins me for Crunches

Some days, the toddler gets to color in Gotham City Windows for entertainment while I do household chores  

Some days, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pushes a shopping cart through Whole Foods. While strangers are smiling and saying, “how cute,” my heels are being clipped by the mini-cart

Some days, a TMNT/Batman combo stands on the foot of the bed and jumps off 100 times AS LOUDLY as possible resulting in a VERY short nap for the baby.

Some days, it’s Picture Day at school and no matter how many times you practice a “natural smile” you just know that “Batman NEVER smiles” and expect this face to be what you pay $90 for a package of 5x7s

and on the Best of Days, this is what having a Staring Contest with Batman looks like. I really can’t imagine our lives when Reeve outgrows costumes and capes….let’s hope Lowe isn’t into trucks…or that more boys are in our future!


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