Someone….and by Someone I mean Lowe, thinks his carseat is a toilet.

The only time he ever poops is when he’s sitting in his carseat.

Which means the picture below where he has poop on his cheek is nearly a daily occurrence. 

As we are out and about, he poops (usually in the car also) and sits in it long enough it smooshes out the side, gets on his hand…thus, his cheeks and….sigh….sometimes in his mouth.

I can’t even….I don’t know what to do, but keep the radio low and listen for the rumbling, loud sound that alerts me to such disaster.

Poor fella, look at that smile…he doesn’t even know he’s got shit on his face.

And blowouts are GROSS when it’s breast milk….this particular Superman onesie has fallen victim no less than 5 times. I’ve considered that maybe he needs to move up a size in diapers, but they are plenty big.

Oh well, the best part about blowouts (well, the ONLY good part really b/c blowouts really just equal extra laundry and shitty babies and diaper changes in the car) is that a bath is a MUST after. And nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is better than a clean and lotioned-up baby.

See below for evidence 


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