Your daddy says I shouldn’t compare you, but at this age, Reeve could DEFINITELY hold his head up. Ahem…I’m pretty sure I just don’t get to practice Tummy Time enough with you for the following reasons:

a. I’m too busy running Reeve around and we aren’t home much

b. I carry you everywhere b/c you are adorable

c. You YELL at me when we do try it and puke from being on your belly

Also, you can’t roll onto your side yet like he could. Oh well…here are a few pictures of the best you can do. And, like we tell Reeve, that’s all we ever ask of you. Just try your best.
3 Month Lowe 9 3 Month Lowe 10 3 Month Lowe 11 Instead, you like to sit up and let your HUGE head bobble all over the place.3 Month Lowe 12 Check out that belly, those Baby Boobies and your gorgeous hairline3 Month Lowe 14 More Baby Boobies…this picture shows them off quite nicely. As long as we are comparing, Reeve never had an ounce of baby fat on him….YOU, however, eat like every meal is a buffet 3 Month Lowe 15 3 Month Lowe 18 3 Month Lowe 19 3 Month Lowe 20 I promise not to compare you ever again….I just hope there comes a day where I can compare how much the two of you talk though and you come out as the Under Achiever!3 Month Lowe 21


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