Three.Months (Lowe)


it seems like a whole year ago that I was up all night with you in my belly. I can’t believe it’s only been three months. I sometimes look down at my stomach and can’t even remember what it felt like to have you in there even though it was only 90 days ago. I will admit, having you out here is far better than in there. You are just our perfect little lump.

Reeve is really starting to get a kick out of you and find you the most entertaining member of our home. I can’t blame him. He just adores you and longs with all of his heart for the day you can sit up and play with him. You love to lie on your back under this toy that has lights and makes sounds and he gets so excited to be able to do something with you that makes you smile. The other day he put a Beymax mask on your face when I wasn’t looking. He loves to pretend as you squeal and coo that you are telling us a story about Big Bad Baby and asks questions to you like, “then he did what?” and “did you hit that Big Bad Baby?” and “your girlfriend did what?” It makes me smile. He loves holding your hand or foot and making them move (sometimes too hard) and when you are buckled into your carseat he loves to stick his head under the hood and talk to you. He’s only sometimes a little too rough with you, but I can tell you this…I NEVER leave him alone in the room with you. I’ve seen him try to pick you up a time or two and that would be VERY VERY bad! His intent is only out of love….but still. He loves to read his old baby books to you at night and just laughs and laughs when you share a bath together. He so wishes he could reach you in the the backseat of the car so you could hold hands.

Daddy has a lot of fun with you too. He lays you on his legs and just looks at you and smiles. Daddy doesn’t talk a whole lot, but he too longs for the day when his two boys can play outside together whether it’s baseball, flying a kit or just running barefoot, daddy has the whole “we are boys” excuse down for those rough and tumble games mommy doesn’t love. He will teach you how to wrestle like he has Reeve and it will be a blast.

This month you mastered your smile and it just knocks me to my knees. You have a dimple in your left cheek and I just want to kiss it every time I see it. Your smile lights up your whole face and is made only more perfect that it isn’t complete until you raise your eyebrows too…the combination smile/eyebrow lift is pretty funny! You are my little Gummy Bear. Drooly and wet and saving your best smiles for me and me alone. I have no word other than simply SWEET for what you are. You just look at me so lovingly, the perfect reminder that I am all you really need in this whole world. I adore you, Lowe!

Your bright and blue big eyes sparkle. You have long, dark eyelashes and boy do you bat those babies up at me. My friend Aimee says they look “wise” and that you just seem to know more than the rest of us do. That made me so happy to hear! I can’t explain it, but I just know you are going to be my child who is less reactive and more of a thinker (like Daddy). Your eyes tell me so.

I think one of the cutest things you’ve started doing this month is sucking on your bottom lip. You just look up at me from the carseat/swing when you do it and suddenly you are all big blue eyes. The best is when you suck your lip AND smile…it’s like looking at cartoon character that someone has drawn of the world’s cutest baby…and it’s YOU!

Let’s talk about your belly for a second. It’s Big. It’s Round. And it’s mostly hard as a rock as you have gas like one wouldn’t believe. I have had to buy Gas Drops to give you. When you nurse you just fart and fart these long and loud toots that can be heard over the phone. Don Linny couldn’t believe that sound was coming from you. It’s like a grown man. Your belly is so big and you are so long that most of your 3-6 month onesies pull tight and fit you like the leotards used to fit your mama…they ride high on the sides. I cannot get enough of that ball of a belly though. I kiss it, zerbert it, tickle it…you love it and have given me the best laughs when I do so.

Your hair. Oh, your poor unfortunate hair. I think you left the front half of it in Kansas b/c you don’t have much there. It’s still a good 2″ long on the sides, back and the back part of the top though. It’s funny looking!  The other day I looked down into your crib at the blanket that covers your mattress and saw a patch of 1,000 dark, tiny, wavy hairs….eeeks!  I don’t put you in hats in hopes that you lose less, but, well…you suffer from Male Pattern Baldness. In fact, a combination of your hair, wrinkly forehead, raised eyebrows and this goofy look you make often remind me of your Uncle Ryan!!!

You are starting to squeal and coo, but aren’t quite as big of a Talker as Reeve was at this age. FINGERS CROSSED that means you are the quieter of the two. I can’t handle another talker. More than sweet sounds, you actually make Gremlin sounds. You growl and grunt and when I lay you in my lap and pull you up into a sitting position, you actually bark and bite at me. The first time I did it I damn near spit my food out you were so aggressive. You make even crazier sounds during Tummy Time. You do NOT like Tummy Time…your head bounces off of the diaper changing pad I lay you on and you just yell at me. That’s what it sounds like…yelling! Already you are telling Mama what you don’t like! 🙂

You do laugh though. Sparingly. But you do. It’s usually when I smooch your armpit or belly, but sometimes when I do an exaggerated fake laugh in your face. We are starting to do this back-and-forth laugh thing, but I only get maybe 3 or 4. I wish you would do it more so I could video it and share it with everyone.

You still don’t have great arm control and those teeny things just fly all over the place. It’s better, but the only way you seem to be able to control them is if your hands somehow find each other and you can hold them like you are praying. They just don’t seem to get away from you if you do that. You love to suck on your fingers and since you STILL WON’T TAKE A PACIFIER I am okay with that. Suck away…stick you whole hand in there if that’s what it takes to soothe yourself. Your shirt is always wet at the collar from the finger/hand sucking!

Your core is getting stronger. You are trying desperately to sit yourself up when you recline on my lap. Your neck muscles could still use some work. While you can easily turn your head side-to-side and follow noises/sounds/faces, your head kind of bops around and still bangs on me if I try to hold you up on my shoulder. You are getting better though. You like to be held facing out and don’t’ quite know yet what to make of the Baby Bjorn. You just drool in it, but I promise it is helping you get stronger and stronger.

Those chubby legs of yours just kick and run and move all over the place. I swear, there is nothing on this side of Heaven cuter than a pair of chunky baby legs! They are strong too. While you are on your back, you arch and scoot and push yourself up to the top of whatever you are lying on!

Your sleeping leaves something to be desired. You are much like your brother in that I definitely have to rock you and move your stroller around to get you to sleep if we are out and about. You don’t like sleeping or riding in the car. You still take long naps in your Rock N Play, and that’s great, but I’m nervous for the day you outgrow that thing. In fact, sleeping is probably the only thing I stress out about. Right now I still swaddle you at night with your arms bound with a blanket also and you sleep in Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit at night, but only b/c you’ve never even once tried to roll onto your side or over. For the most part, parenting you has been so much easier than with Kid Number One b/c I’m confident and I realize I can’t really control anything, but the sleeping just gets to me. I worry that you sleep to much during the day, too little maybe? I don’t know. At night you are consistently up between 1-2 and then again at 4-5. Although I’m able to get you back down after a quick feeding (15 minutes or less) I’m about to start letting you cry it out for that second waking of the night. If you can go 5 hours for the first stretch, you should be able to do it for the second. Either way, like everything, we will figure it out. And then…when we do….you will probably hit a growth spurt and be up every 2 hours. Ha Ha….

Your favorite thing to do this month was eat. You hold onto my shirt and just look up at me with those big eyes. Lately, you’ve been using your arm to block my boob as if to say, “back off!!!! it’s MINE!” and all I can see peeking out are those hungry and wild eyes…FOOD! You are quite the gassy little guy. You wiggle and grunt and fuss and then let out a long, loud fart. It’s funny, but I know not comfortable for you. I’ve been giving you Gas Drops (I didn’t even know such a thing existed) and that seems to help.

As I’ve discovered is quite common with most issues and topics of Kid Number Two, I’ve been a lot less lax about food. Reeve didn’t have a single bit of sugar until his actual 1st Birthday. You? Well, you sure do love ice cream!  Ooops! It was just too hot of a day after Daddy’s baseball game downtown and I just thought, “Dang, that’s not fair. He just looks like he needs some ice cream” and I let you take about 10 licks off of my pinky. Kirk said, “You just blew his mind” and it was so funny to all of us to watch your face light up and just lick and lick your lips. You’ve also had a few teaspoons of oatmeal cereal, which you are completely indifferent about.

When you are nursing you like to yell at me as I am in the process of switching you from side-to-side. It makes me laugh. You literally DIVE at my boob. With your mouth open you rear your head back and like Hungry Hungry Hippo just snatch at it. Goodness!

This month you went on your first airplane ride to Kansas and were awake the WHOLE trip home. You didn’t cry so I didn’t mind, you were just too curious! While there, you met a lot of new people including Uncle Ryan, Uncle Zeke, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Nancy, Whitney and Cousins Erin and Patrick. On the flight home, you had your own seat and both you and Reeve napped the whole way giving me a MUCH needed rest. We were given a lot of “you are brave” as I traveled alone with the both of you. It wasn’t that hard aside from Security. Taking everything apart and loading it all on the belt with one arm was quite stressful, but people are always kind and eager to help.

You went to a Bridal Shower for Laura and your first Rockie’s game with Mommy’s BF from High School, Rachel. It was again hot and we spent a lot of time in the A/C in the Club Level nursing and playing, You had more ice cream 🙂

Lowe, you are a GREAT baby! I’ve had people ask me if you are and while I can’t imagine any baby is “bad,” I know for sure you are happy and full of smiles as long as you are fed and rested.

I just love this age. You are still tiny, yet seem so big to me. It’s just a really sweet spot in our lives. We spend so much time laughing and talking about all of the things you do.

I can’t believe I have two little boys. I can’t believe I have a baby again. I mean, although you have 9 months to prepare, nothing really does prepare you for all the ups and downs. I’m tired, that’s for sure. Getting up with you twice a night has me feeling like a Zombie. I hear you on the monitor and literally DRAG myself up and down the hall to you as quietly as I can in fear that Reeve will hear you and wake up. I rock you and feed you and then tip toe back down the hall. I have a hard time falling asleep most nights and then am awakened just 2 hours later with you screaming for me. Unlike with Reeve, I don’t spend my whole day thinking about your “schedule” and am perfectly okay with whatever happens as long as you get one good nap a day. That afternoon 3-hour nap is just fine. Running your brother to school or playmates doesn’t really allow for you to have a schedule. At times, I wish we were all on the same page and that Reeve were able to self-entertain more so that I could just sit. When both nap in the afternoon, I’m lucky if I get a shower after doing what needs done around the home and have found myself napping with Reeve for 20-30 minutes to get a little energy back.

Babies are tiring more than anything! Our house is a mess and dinners are pretty lame right now, but I don’t honestly care. I’d rather spend my time down on the floor in your sweet nursery babbling and blowing bubbles back and forth with you.

That’s really my favorite thing to do anyway. I just want to memorize your face and this time b/c it’s so much harder to chronicle it all with you. But, please know, I DO try! I may even over compensate with pictures of you. One day I even said to Daddy, “I don’t think I took a single picture of Lowe today” and he just laughed, but to me it was a big deal. My brain is mush and I rely so much on pictures as my memory.

Lowe Chapel Lindan Mooneyham, thank you for choosing our family to be yours. I can’t wait to see your personality develop. Will you be silly? Serious? Talk all the time like Reeve (Lord, I hope not). Will you be laid back or intense? It’s all so fun to think about. I just know that I hope you like Batman as I see a lot of Robin in your future.

We love you. We so do. And we thank God every day for giving us what we didn’t even know our family really needed. I’m so happy that I am yours and you are mine. Let’s love each other forever.



***Ps…I think this side-by-side of you at the beginning of this month and the end of this month PERFECTLY shows how your personality has started to show. It also clearly shows us how much hair you’ve lost as well as that Daddy LOVES him a Plaid JCrew Slim Fit shirt 🙂

3 months

Favorite things to do: EAT!!!  Lay under your Light Up Board and kick at it. Play airplane and fly on my legs.
Favorite things to eat: Boob and ice cream
Dislikes: Any attempt to put a pacifier in your mouth. Any attempt to put a bottle in your mouth. Car rides. Tummy Time. Baths? I think….you neither smile or cry.
Scary items: Maybe when Reeve gets too much in your space and is loud
Cute item: Definitely your Taggie blanket and the butterfly on your carseat that has mirrors/crinkles/rings. You like to suck on your knuckles.
Hair color: Light Brown and thinning every day.
Eye color: Still bright blue!
Clothing size: 3-6 month mostly, but those are getting tight and I need to probably start looking at the next size up for you
Diaper size: 2
Weight: Now, this is on our home scale, but you are weighing in at about 15 pounds, you little Piggy Pie.
Height: I haven’t measured you, but at least 25.5″…yesterday this mom of a three year old thought you were at least 6 months old!!!

Nicknames: Beefy, Beefcake, Puddin, Piggy Pie, Bubba, Bubby, Brother





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