This baby is just the sweetest thing in this house right now. The Big Brother is too smart these days and suddenly acts more like Teenager than Toddler. He said to us yesterday, “Mom….(sigh)….life, life just…life changes” and then threw his hands up and said, “it’s complicated.”
3 Month Lowe 1 He wants (and so do we) so badly for Lowe to play with and pay attention to him.3 Month Lowe 2 Lowe on the other hand often just seems terrorized by the loud, sudden yelling in his face that is Reeve trying to *talk* to him. 3 Month Lowe 3 But we know one day he really will be Reeve’s Side Kick3 Month Lowe 6 3 Month Lowe 7 Until then, he’s really just a lump who has the world’s most expressive eyebrows and poops no less than 5 times a day!3 Month Lowe 8


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