Lowe had his first trip to Kansas last week. In preparation, he took a bath. As you can see, he isn’t quite sure what to think about baths. He doesn’t cry, but he’s certainly not happy. He’s more….”eh”…. The flight to Kansas was pretty good. He wore too-small pajamas and his potbelly hung out for the whole trip. We lucked out and sat next to an older lady who loved us.
Reeve is no 16 apparently and wanted nothing to do with either of us.  Lowe and I practiced making funny faces and giving each other lots of kisses
while these pajamas are absolutely adorable, they could not contain his belly. It was literally busting out of the shirt.
He stayed awake for the whole flight. This was new to me as Reeve would sleep on every flight we ever took. He didn’t cry though…just played with his hands and looked around.  Once in Kansas, we went straight to Don Linny & PPJ’s new house…it’s GORGEOUS!!!  Don Linny and I spent a lot of time “styling” it by purchasing small items for bookshelves and such.

Lowe received many serenades from Papa Jim.
Lowe especially loved the back deck breeze…I love a good breeze too!  He has nearly perfected holding his head up
We all avoided stepping on toys and Legos and spent a lot of time on the fuzzy rainbow blanket on the floor blowing Zerberts on his belly.  This is his Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit….it’s is snug and makes him feel swaddled. We call it his Thunder Jacket.
Reeve & Don Linny built a tent on the back porch.  He fell asleep and got lots of Don Linny Loving
Fell asleep to PPJ singing “Viva Las Vegas”  Spent some time in Lawrence. Aunt Connie is the Baby Whisperer and got you to take a bottle (hasn’t taken another since). You got to meet Uncle Ryan for the first time and we all agree you both have the same forehead and wrinkles
  You had a blow out in my favorite romper at Target…
Cousin Jack was happy to get to hold you  Reeve had a blast building his new Batman lego set with the cousins
You got to meet my BFF, Whitney

also got to meet my Aunt Nancy, Uncles Gerry and Zeke   it was a great trip back….Reeve cried when we had to leave Don Linny and I’m already looking up airfares to go back


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