Boy, oh boy…this one is full of attitude. His tongue is sharp and his nose is constantly black from wiping his hand on it. 


Each morning we go for our walk and he and I just bicker the whole way. He whines and complains and talks back. He wants in, he wants out, he’s bored, he’s tired, he’s hungry….

it’s super frustrating and probably the most challenging time we’ve had in this whole 3 years together.

I know he’s 3 and learning his boundaries, but sometimes he is downright mean and disobedient on purpose and I just have to walk away. Some days I feel like I’m a horrible parent and that I’ve been so mean to him and told him “no” 100 times. Others, I just try to wear him out so he will nap, but then he wakes up crabby and starts arguing with me right away.
He’s obsessed with his friends, and that’s great…but he drives me a little nuts about them. He wants them ALL day long and doesn’t seem to understand that we need to do things without our friends. He also doesn’t understand that it’s not acceptable to say someone’s name over and over and over to get their attention and that it’s really just super annoying!He loves Lowe and that is really great, but he is definitely a bit “in his space.” We haven’t really had any issues with him treating Lowe badly or being rough around him, he just doesn’t understand that you can’t hug and kiss on him ALL day!
And he talks…A LOT!  He’s never wrong either. He thinks he knows everything and interrupts any conversation I’m  having to be a part of it. Sometimes it’s just “well…yeah….” others it’s b/c he thinks he knows what the conversation is about.

I know he’s smart and I recognize that, but he’s downright bratty these days.

I won’t remember it years from now and that’s why I’m dedicating this whole post to how awful it can be. Just one post. Because I will try to remember how smart he is, how good of a brother he is, how well he shares, how much he loves his friends, how he loves to color, how he still loves Batman. I will try to remember Three for the good times, but man…..let’s just say, if I weren’t breastfeeding I’d be drinking a lot right now!


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