I keep thinking of these two as “side-by-side”…in the stroller, in the car, on the bed, pictures of them.

Everywhere we are, there they are…side-by-side.

I hope it always stays like that.

Although I’m 100% biased, I do think my boys are the cutest two brothers there ever was. I mean COME ON!!!!!! 
For the first 2 months of Lowe’s life I’ve recreated the images I took of Reeve on his 1st and 2nd months. Mostly b/c then I don’t have to think, but also b/c the resemblance and similarities are just so crazy to me. Sure, Reeve was skinnier and had a longer face and Lowe has more hair, but there is NO denying these two are brothers.It’s fun to think that Lowe will grow up to look like Reeve. I’m still amazed every day at how beautiful Reeve is (naughty and sassy, but he sure is a good looking kid). Lowe is proving to be a more serious baby whose smiles I have to work to get.
We thought Lowe was so chunky until he had his 2 month checkup and weighed in in the mid-50th percentile. Upon going back to look at Reeve’s pictures, I guess he’s not as chunky as I thought…he’s going to be just as long and lean as his brother.

I know Reeve can’t wait for Lowe to get bigger so he can talk and play with him, but I’m enjoying this baby stage so much. The sweet smiles. The round belly.

Like Reeve, I do look forward to hugs and kisses and that day he can smooch me back.  

It’s busy around here, that’s for sure. It seems I don’t get to leave the house much unless we are heading somewhere to try to wear Reeve out. But that’s okay. We are all just hear at the house, hanging out side-by-side and I wouldn’t really want to be anywhere else.

Well, unless we were side-by-side on a beach, but that’s not happening anytime soon so I will take this King Sized bed for now.


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