2.months (Lowe)

Dear Lowe,

You are growing so fast. I feel like, no, I KNOW, it won’t be long before you are sitting up and crawling around. I wish I could just keep you this little. I’ll keep the sleepless (though not really) nights and constant nursing. I’ll gladly give up showers and makeup and any time alone to keep you all Gummy with legs that kick all over and arms that whack your face. I hate how time has to work.

I grudgingly get up each morning when you cry and race to your crib hoping your brother isn’t awakened by your tiny sounds and then think “who cares?” Then, the very best part of my whole days happens as I un-swaddle you and “bust your arms free.” You look up to me and give me the gummiest grin and even have laughed a few times. When I get to see your sweet, sweet face after a four hour absence I’m always so happy to see you again for the first time I’m shocked by how goddamn cute you are. That chin. That hair. Those ridiculously expressive eyebrows and all your snorty piggy sounds. Sigh….

Perhaps my favorite part of having a “newborn” is the Full Body Stretch that starts each day. A Baby Sun Salutation, if you will. Your face turns red, your arms stiffen and reach for the skies. Your back arches and your legs fold up, which I know they won’t do for much longer. You groan and moan and Reeve and I just laugh and delight in you. He just loves to get to be the one to take your arms out of the swaddle and laughs each time like it’s the first time.

As I think I will each month, I’ll start with the top of your head and work my way down to those perfect Minion toes.

Your hair is still as soft and silky as can be. When I was a little girl, I had a baby doll that my mom still has and was very special to me. Though now it’s clothes (a yellow sleeper) are worn and stained, it’s hair remains intact….it’s hair is exactly like yours. Though you’ve only had a few baths, each one leaves your hair fuzzy and sticking straight up in the sky. I laugh that you have the hair of Jack Nicholson. It’s still quite shaggy in the back and you really haven’t lost any. YAY!!!!  Your growing head still leaves you with an unfortunate hairline, but the development going on in that Big Bean is worth it. You can follow our voices and side-to-side with your eyes. You ALWAYS turn your head towards Reeve when you hear him. And, you know…I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t trust him either. He’s LOUD and likely to whack you in the head if you don’t keep an eye on him.

Your skin is just beautiful. No baby acne yet and there is still a long fuzz on each of your ears and shoulders. At your 2 month checkup the doctor even comments on how hairy your ears were (you totally get that from daddy). Your eyebrows just crack us up. They are the lightest brown/blonde. What was once only maybe 10 or so eyelashes has now increased exponentially and I can see them being as dark and thick as your brothers.

We’ve been told that you “have the same mouth as Reeve.” I only hope it’s not as sassy and your tongue isn’t as sharp as his. Speaking of tongues, you have discovered yours this month and stick it out at us. In and out, you are just figuring out what it does. Reeve and I spent a whole half hour laughing hysterically as we stuck ours at at you and you copied us each time. We were in tears it was so funny.

We’ve been practicing Tummy Time this month and sit as a family and watch you try so hard to pick your big head up and look around. You end up drooling all over everything and can only make it for about 3 minutes before you get so mad. Though you are getting stronger, you are still a giant Bobble Head. When I hold you on my shoulder, you try so hard to hold your head up. You get stronger and stronger every day. You prefer to be held facing out, you don’t want to miss any action. It won’t be long before I can easily carry you in the Baby Bjorn.

At about 6 weeks you began to smile. At about 7 weeks you’d nailed it. It’s ridiculously cute. I joke that I can’t even make it all the way through Target without stopping to take a picture of you b/c you are so cute! When you smile, your right eyebrow raises and we think you may have a dimple on your left side. You save your best smiles for me and our intense flirting sessions rival that of any other boy I’ve ever loved. Sometimes, though, you smile at absolutely nothing! The white dresser in your nursery is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

Mornings and after any long naps are the absolutely best time to catch your sweet, sweet smile. I will never forget the first time I heard your laugh as I was leaning down over your crib videoing you on my iPhone and you looked up and me and gave me the sweetest baby laugh. Baby laughs are really just a high-pitched inhale, but still, they will make and break your heart all at once. You know that it’s only a matter of time before those sweet laughs turn into whining and arguing.

Lowe, if I were poetic, it would be your smile that were my inspiration. I cannot tell you how much a bright spot each one becomes in my whole day. How could I ever complain about anything when I have you who smiles at me each time you see me?

You are still “grumpy face” quite a lot of the time. Between your furrowed brow and those seriously chunky cheeks, you give us a lot of attitude.

Let’s take a minute to talk about your belly. Not only does it produce massive amounts of poop (seriously!!!  Are babies supposed to poop this much?) It also is as hard as a drum and big as a ball. No wonder, you eat ALL. DAY. LONG!  I am a milk maid, Chinese buffet and All You Can Eat…screw that “every 3 hour” stuff they tell you to do, you aren’t having it. You, like your brother, love to fall asleep breastfeeding and are never happier than when my nipple is in your mouth. You eat and eat until I pull you off, all milky and then you lick your lips and often even have milk on your chin or cheeks. You look like a little Catfish when you suck and suck and look up at me all “yummmmm….i love boob.” Your hand often grabs onto my shirt while the other one rubs my side. I remember loving that with Reeve and I love it with you too. You don’t like it when I rub on your forehead or eyebrows to try to get you to sleep though. No Sir!

You won’t take a bottle either, though we’ve tried, and for now your whole world is my boob. It’s okay, I love it too…just not when you twist your head from side-to-side as you eat. You did that this morning and I gave you a stern “Lowe…NO!” and Reeve was just as happy as could be that you were in trouble too. Note to self: I must remember to “yell” at you a little more so he isn’t the only one getting in trouble around here.

You also won’t take a pacifier and we now have about 18 different types in your nursery. You tease me and I think “maybe…this is it…he’s gonna do it” and then you spit it out and gag and make horrendous sounds. While I know I will be glad for not having to wean you from it someday, it’s hard for you to self sooth if you won’t suck on one. I also would like you to take a pacifier so you don’t scream your head off in the car. I hate how you do that. I think maybe it’s the sun in your eye, maybe you are over tired…whatever it is, you HATE riding in the car. Your brother is no help either. I would love for him to Shush you or talk to you, but he isn’t into it. In fact, he said, “Mom, turn Lowe’s volume down” and “Lowe isn’t cute when he cries.” I smiled and tried to remind him you are just figuring it all out, but he doesn’t care.

Your legs are constantly kicking and your arms constantly waving. I feel like once you are able to control those muscles you may be able to soothe yourself more easily and sleep better. You are still swaddled at nap and night and I can’t imagine a day where you aren’t. For a while there you were napping 20-30 minutes at a time. I couldn’t get a thing done then a friend mentioned this MIRACLE thing called a Rock N Play (bassinet that rocks itself) and I know can get 2-3 hour naps from you. PRAISE THE LORD. Some days you go right into it and sleep, others you scream and fight it for 20+ minutes. I’m not a fan of “crying it out” quite this young, but I also have to try to coordinate both boys nap times and I’m guilty of letting you cry yourself to sleep earlier than I’d like. When you are in your crib, you’ve begun to spin and wake yourself up when your head is rubbing on the rails. A wedge now holds you in place. Like any baby, you prefer to sleep in my arms and I feel, like most mommies, my whole day revolves around trying to get you to sleep then running around like crazy to get things done when you finally are.

At night, you usually go to bed at 8pm and I wake you at 10pm for a quick DreamFeed and then you are up around 2. (we gave up the Dreamfeed a few days before 2 months and you can now sleep from 8-2….SIX HOURS!!!!!) After that, you give me a quick 2-3 hour stretch. I spend a lot of time worrying that I could be doing something differently to make you sleep longer, but I just don’t know what. I keep reminding myself, “it’s just a phase” and I know someday you will sleep all night. While I certainly do worry about it, I’m nowhere near as stressed out about how well or how long you sleep as I did with Reeve. We try to carry about in the house when you are napping so you aren’t as sensitive to noise as Reeve, but I swear you are like a Dog and wake up whenever the car stops or a door opens anywhere.

I feel I should now take this time to talk about the rudest thing you’ve ever done. Lowe, you fell asleep on the couch with daddy while you were unswaddled in less than 2 minutes time. I have no words. I literally spend my whole day trying to do what daddy did in 2 minutes. I won’t lie…I was a little upset with you (not really)….I guess Daddy just doesn’t smell like boob milk, huh? That, or he was boring you. 🙂

This month you had your first Road Trip and went to Telluride with us and Uncle Rick. You slept the WHOLE 8 hours there and I was so worried you would be up all night, but you weren’t. You loved all the attention you got from Cousin Nadja and spent 2 days soaking up some some and sounds at the Ride Festival. You did 2 hikes (both in your Moby wrap) and danced with Mommy quite a bit. It was a really good time. You could not have done better. You even wore Tie Dye and go to hear Warrne Haynes, North Mississippi Allstars and Widespread Panic for the first time.

You’ve grown so much in one short month, Lowe. When Daddy weighed you last, you were 12.5 pounds. After 2 blowouts in one day, you moved up to a Size 2 diaper!!!!  Your hair is still dark and thick, your cheeks still chunky. The other day someone said you look more like an infant, less like a baby. I used to get that a lot with your brother too. My boys are very mature looking!  You are very alert!

I love rocking you to sleep at night, you big eyes stare up at me and when you finally fall asleep, you chin rests on your chest and your cheeks relax, lips pout and then I go into my room and watch you turn from side-to-side on the monitor. I love watching you on that thing! I’m really happy with how you will lie in your crib at night for up to 30 minutes before falling asleep on your own. Though you don’t do that AT ALL during the day for naps, I feel like it may make our bedtime easier in the future.

There isn’t much you do that I don’t love to watch….second to that adorable newborn stretch you do is how you look at your brother. Though the smile is new on your face, it sure does appear when your brother is near. The other day I was pushing you and your brother in the Double Bob Stroller at the mall, both of you facing each other, and you just cooed and smiled so brightly at him. In that moment, my heart skipped and I felt so proud.

The greatest thing I will ever do, or have ever done, in this life is to give the two of you to each other.

He may not know it yet b/c you can’t play Batman or talk, and you may not know it yet b/c you are just figuring this whole Life thing out, but you two are best friends for all of your life. Often, when you cry or fuss, I will see him sneak over to you and his voice raises much higher and he starts saying, “it’s okay, Lowe…none of that…shhhh…I love you” and I cannot tell you what this does to my soul. He, like Daddy and me, are completely head over heels in love with you.

I love how the three of us spend so much time delighting and laughing and enjoying you. You’ve brought us so much Joy and have just completely perfected us. Lowe, there are few moments in my life greater than that of which I’ve met and loved you. Not one day, not one moment goes by that I don’t realize how lucky we all are to have each over.

As you get bigger, I start to imagine how fun our lives will all be when you can play and laugh and communicate with us…I just don’t want it to go too fast either. How is it possible that we’ve had each other for 2 months? I remember the moment they laid you on my chest and now, here you are, this BIG baby who is already 1/3rd bigger than that moment in the hospital. Time can be so cruel.

Lowe, thank you for choosing me to be your mommy and Reeve to be your big brother and daddy to be yours too!  We love you and I hope you never ever ever doubt how much more complete our family is with you in it.


Lowe 2 months 14 Lowe 2 months 18 Lowe 2 months 29 Lowe 2 months 32

 Favorite things to do: EAT!!!  Poop…you poop a LOT!  Spin in your crib. You are somewhat content in the bathtub, you don’t cry…you don’t smile either.
Favorite things to eat: Boob
Dislikes: Any attempt to put a pacifier in your mouth. Any attempt to put a bottle in your mouth. Two a.m. diaper changes
Scary items: Nothing in your world is scary right now.
Cute item: Your chubby belly. You like to suck on your knuckles. You play with the tags on your Taggie blanket.
Hair color: Light Brown and thinning every day
Eye color: Still bright blue! No changing and don’t forsee any changing either
Clothing size: 3-6 month mostly.
Diaper size: 2
Weight: 12 lbs and 12 ounces. We really thought at your 2 month checkup that you would weigh in closer to 14 pounds and were surprised that you were still in the 12s (54%)
Height: 24.5″ (97%)

Nicknames: Beefy, Beefcake, Puddin, Piggy Pie, Bubba, Boof Two


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