Reeve was wormy. He was cute, but he was wormy and skinny and looked more like an old, skinny man than a chunky, healthy baby.

Lowe….you are chunky and healthy and pink and giggly and your legs are constantly kicking (when you sneeze their lift up in the air).

Every diaper change results in belly kissing and every outfit change leaves me marveling over your thighs.

I don’t take your health for granted and when I look at you I’m reminded that even though it sometimes wears me out to feed you every hour or so, I’m helping you grow and fill out and I’m just ever so grateful that this belly is bulging. 
and each smile reminds me, even in my most tired moments, that all is well with us. Our family is just perfect and even though you have a very unfortunate hairline these days, you are perfect too.

My boys are my world…how lucky am I?


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