It’s all sort of a blur at this point. I feel like our 4 days in Telluride was me just trying to Survive having a toddler who MUST nap but doesn’t want to nap AND a newborn AND a husband who fully intended to imbibe and listen to concerts AND be sociable and flexible all while enjoying myself.

Which I did….

but, it was a lot of work for me to get us packed (packing for 3 was hard) and keep everyone on schedule and fed.

I will tell you the weather was gorgeous (except when it rained both nights at the Festival and I panicked about having a newborn in rain and packed up like a Sherpa and hauled ass out of there.)

We hiked, ate well, got to spend time with Uncle Rick who flew in from Florida, saw a gorgeous deer and a HUGE porcupine….

and had a blast with kirk’s cousins. Reeve met his soulmate in his cousin, Isaac….they both LOVE Batman.

Here goes…let’s see what I can remember based on these pictures.

Uncle Rick gave Lowe LOTS of love. Still no smiles from Lowe though
Reeve & Isaac wearing their Batman capes. Amanda (Kirk’s cousin) had warned me in advance that Isaac only had one cape and that I might want to bring Reeve his own to avoid any issues. I thought I would bring two and I’m so glad I did so they could just trade between black and blue.  They were so proud of how they looked and sure got a lot of attention from the hippies and hikers in Telluride
I wore Lowe in this Moby wrap on a hike in town. it was a little sweaty, but he slept the whole way.This is the view from their house, not too shabby, huh? They are building a new house and I foresee more trips to Telluride in our future.
Kirk soaking up the mountain view while Simon (amanda’s husband) cooked his famous ribs for us.  

Nadja and Lowe. She loved him. She was very gentle with him and gave him a lot of attention. Cousins are just the best, I really don’t think you can have too many.
  I think this smile was just gas, but it sure was cute and goofy.Gettins some attention from Nadja again and Amanda.In Telluride waiting to get into the Ride Festival. Of course Reeve had to wear his the
dye shirt so he would fit right in. Isn’t Telluride gorgeous?Oh, Reeve wore his the dye too….Enjoying a rare Capri Sun. We lost the straw so he shotgunned it with daddy.
Isaac has this Festival thing down….I’m convinced only toddlers should go topless at music festivals, but you will always see hippies and people with dreadlocks without shirts on.A festival staple is the hula hoop. No one in our family is very good at it.
Cutest brothers at the whole damn festivalOkay, this is one of my favorite pictures ever!!! Mostly b/c Lowe is doing that newborn baby stretch that he soon won’t do and my heart will break, but also b/c the mountain behind us is just so damn beautiful.
We tried to put the Baby Banz headphones on Lowe that Reeve first wore to Wilco and Neil Young, but he is too little and they put too much pressure on his head and he was not happy. I don’t blame him.
My ornery one…I bet he had 20 of these Organic Sugar Free suckers from Trader Joes that I brought. I finally quit telling him NO and just let him have the whole bag. It wasn’t worth the fight.On a beer run, Kirk brought back 2 of these inflatable guitars for the boys and they had a blast running around with them.
I’m laughing at Kirk’s pants rolled up b/c it makes him look way more hipster than the account-type he is, but it had just rained and his pants were wet.The hat is cute, but it’s mostly hiding my roots which badly need dyed. Who has time with a newborn and a 3-year-old?
Hiding Lowe from the sun following the rain.Kirk and his twin, Rick.

I called this “Festival Food.” Lowe didn’t care if it was 100 degree or raining, he just wanted to EATTrying to get everyone to look at the camera is now impossible. I’m going to have to figure out a trick 
with Uncle Rick  With Mommy in the Moby Wrap on the second night of the festival. It was rainy and this was the perfect way to keep him dry.My favorite picture from the festival. So, there weren’t a lot of babies there…you can imagine why. First, it’s damn hard to take a baby to a festival and had we not had family who lived there who had a “system” down and had all the gear, we wouldn’t have done it. Second, there is a LOT of pot (we hung out in the family area). Most people probably wanted to drink or do drugs and you can’t do that with a newborn. The weather is unpredictable. The music is loud. Either way, I was prepared for rain/sleet/snow/hail…you name it. I had the Double Bob stroller packed with ANY thing I might possibly need. I wasn’t worried. Either way, being probably the youngest baby there, we got a lot of looks. ALL SMILES!!! Much like when Reeve attended Neil Young at 3 months and everyone smiled at us and told us we were awesome parents, everyone was stopping me to talk and ask questions and tell me they thought it was cool we were there.

One woman came up to me and kept telling me how beautiful I was, how awesome the Moby Wrap was and asked if she could take my picture to send to her pregnant daughter in another state. I LOVED her attitude and reception and this picture.


Lastly, on the last night of the festival Widespread Panic took the stage at 8:30. It was raining and Reeve and Nadja (Isaac stayed home) were pissy and grumpy, but I wanted to stay so Lowe could say he saw Daddy’s Band WSP at his first concert. They hid under the stroller in the rain while I had Lowe in the Moby Wrap under a cardigan under a rain poncho. Once they played two songs, I sat Reeve on Nadja’s lap, put Lowe in the carseat and loaded up chairs, blankets, coolers and anything else I could onto that stroller and headed back to the house leaving Kirk and Rick to really enjoy themselves….I looked crazy and cannot believe I hauled as much as I did. I wish I had a picture. It was like one of those homeless people you see on the beach who has a shopping cart packed so high it looks like it might tip over….but it was worth it b/c my babies were in bed by 9:15

The drive home was LONG…on the way TO Telluride, Lowe slept 6/7 hours and it was great, but on the way home we were all so tired and I drove most of the way.

I can’t wait to make it back down there. It truly is one of the most gorgeous parts of Colorado I’ve ever seen, it’s just SO far away. We love visiting Kirk’s cousins. They are the nicest, coolest people.

Maybe next time I can have a glass of wine and ski. 🙂


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