We just can’t stop spending our days laughing at the different faces and sounds Lowe makes.

Here he is in a semi-smile as Reeve attempts to hold him. 

This is his sweet and perfect face…those lips

That nose….  
Those cheeksThat neck…and chin….that neck…oh, that neck. I could lick it it’s so cute

those eyebrows…I cannot handle it when those lips pucker like thisThat neck again….those gummy lips. Both boys’ earlobes have me weak…
everything about this face. It’s grumpy and pissy. It says, “what the hell do you want?”

That ginormous forehead and receding hairline.But wait…..I can smile and then everything is perfectly fine. 
This face says, “tell that loud boy to get away from me…he’s always messing with me and right on top of me.”  


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