Cousins & 4.of.July

Way old by now, these pictures were taken over a week ago.

I didn’t have a Red White & Blue outfit for you, but did have this awesome Superman Onesie with a cape on it….it made us all laugh
this could be one of my favorite pictures of all time!  Reeve and Lucas LOVED on each other a little before we walked with them to the local parade

Reeve was super pumped for the parade to begin  

He FREAKED out when the superheroes walked by. Can you see the Blue Batman?

His cousins got in later that day and he was excited to watch them shoot off “fireworks” Last year Reeve peed himself when we lit off some of the smaller ones, this year he was mostly just interested.  

He loves these two. Calls them his Brother Cousins
Making S’mores

First Sparkler…having his hand in the cup to protect it was awesome….He didn’t even freak out, which we thought he would  Taking a break from watching all the firework displays on our balcony to stare at Lowe
  He put himself to bed at 9:30 (which is about 2 hours later than he usually gets to stay up) and when he woke up his nose looked like this. That’s good old fashioned DIRT. Hi, Daddy!
We hiked Mt. Falcon the next day before it started to rain. It was good for all the boys to get their energy out.
These two are either BFFs or telling each other how it’s done. They are both right all the time  
We didn’t even let Reeve tell them Goodbye b/c we knew it would result in an epic meltdown. He just loves them so much and is always so excited to show them everything and tell them whatever he can think of. He shows off around them and tries so hard to impress them.

Sure does love his Brother Cousins


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